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2015 Kabbee fleet of the year award winners

Fleet awards

Our outstanding fleet managers receiving their award from Kabbee Partner Manager, Kim

Last week Kabbee hosted its annual Fleet Awards, to reward the best performing fleets in 2015. The two top awards that were up for grabs for the 50+ fleets on the platform were:

  • Kabbee Fleet of the Year Award 2015
  • Kabbee Growth Award 2015

We caught up with some of the fantastic fleet winners for this year…

Kabbee Fleet of the Year 2015 – Premier Cars

1) How does it feel to be the best performing fleet of the 50+ fleets on the Kabbee platform? It’s great news for us, it was completely unexpected and nice that our hard work is appreciated so much.

2) What do you think helped you to get this award? All of our drivers and office staff are committed to working hard and providing the best possible service for customers – the Premier Cars ethos has customer service at the epicentre.

3) Do you have any growth plans in place for 2016? Yes. We are looking to invest in new hybrid cars to comply with environmental initiatives such as ULEZ, and we would also like to expand our fleet of wheelchair accessible vehicles. At the same time, we are also planning to move into bigger office due to the increase in office staff.


Kabbee Growth Award 2015 – GB Airport

1) What has helped you to grow this year? Forming a strong partnership with another mighty minicab operator in London (Jet Cars) has given us access to more drivers and therefore enabled us to increase the volume of bookings. In order to cope with the dramatically increased influx of jobs, we have employed well-trained and dedicated operators who do their best to complete as many bookings as possible.

2) Are there plans to grow even further next year? We definitely are planning to do so by expanding our operating areas and recruiting more drivers to satisfy the demands.

3) Where do the majority of jobs come from? Airport transfers are certainly our most popular booking choice.


Congratulations to all fleets that won this year – we’re looking forward to next year’s event already!

The Kabbee Team


Kabbee is one of Britain’s fastest-growing start-ups

FT badges 19 April 2012

Kabbee, the multi-award-winning minicab price comparison and booking app, was announced yesterday as one of Britain’s fastest growing start-ups, as part of The Sunday Times’ Start-up Track 15 list.

The new league table for 2015, published by The Sunday Times yesterday, ranks the start-ups according to growth in sales over the last two years. Companies qualified if they grew annual sales during this time from more than £50,000 to over £1m – provided sales were less.

Kabbee secured a place on the list after seeing an increase of 257% in annual sales over the last two years, resulting in £1.3m in sales. The Start-up Track 15 list features other emerging brands such as fresh coffee delivery service Pact, which has offers available on Kabbee’s loyalty programme, Kabbee Treats

Last week, Kabbee launched a crowdfunding campaign targeting at least £1m of investment via Crowdcube, and has already received over 30% of its funding target in less than a week. The funding will be used to help Kabbee expand in major cities outside of London, whilst updating its established dispatch and GPS technology, supporting the best UK minicab firms.

Kabbee is on track to hit the £1m investment target before the end of November and by the end of 2015 the Kabbee app will have been downloaded 600,000 times, transporting 250,000 passengers on 1.75 million journeys.

Investors in this crowd round will be entitled to a stake of the business, as well as up to one year’s Kabbee Loyalty membership*, giving them free cab credit, executive journey upgrades, access to their 5 Minute Punctuality Promise**, and a wide range of treats from Kabbee’s partners.

Since its launch in 2011, Kabbee has received investment from two of the UK’s most successful ecommerce entrepreneurs, Ed Wray, co-founder of Betfair and Simon Nixon, founder of Moneysupermarket. Kabbee is also supported by Octopus Ventures, which backed Zoopla.

To invest in Kabbee today, please click here for more information.

Justin Peters, Kabbee’s CEO & Founder comments on the Sunday Times Sage Start-up Track 15 announcement: “Despite playing in the same space as the fastest growing company of all time, Kabbee has been growing successfully in London for four years, and revenues are on track to increase from £790K in 2013 to over £1.8m in 2015.

“We are delighted to be listed as one of Britain’s fastest growing start-ups, and we’re looking forward to Kabbee’s future and our plans for 2016.” 


Kabbee launches fundraising campaign with Crowdcube – here’s some mighty reasons to invest


After a successful four years operating in London, Kabbee is looking to expand its buzzing business right across the UK. We’re pleased to announce that Kabbee has launched a fundraising campaign with Crowdcube, to help raise £1m investment.

#CrowdBee = One who has Invested in the journey towards Making Minicabs Mighty. Please #InvestAware as your capital is at risk.

Your investment is so valuable to us; here are four mighty reasons why we believe you should become a #CrowdBee today:

  1. Be a part of the award-winning team that is helping to grow and support many more of the UK’s best minicab fleets.
  2. Support our corner in the competitive minicab market place, helping to move people from A to Bee even more efficiently.
  3. Help us to constantly improve the vital areas of the service, to stay up to date with modern technologies.
  4. Support innovation that will enable us to continue to develop industry leading features. For example, Kabbee was one of the first minicab apps to launch a loyalty programme for its passengers.

To see Kabbee’s awesome video click here, or to join us on our mission, click here to invest today.

Want to know more about what matters to Kabbee, or want to know more about the fundraising campaign? – we’d love to hear from you! Email us at

The Kabbee Team.


‘Bee’autiful news for Bee’s in London!

This Buddhist Monk was clearly happy about the news...

This Buddhist Monk was clearly happy about the news…

We thought Friday’s were meant to be mighty, but not for poor  Jonny Bee who recently moved to London.

Mr Bee was charged a whopping £93 for a short journey that he arranged through another well-known minicab app, a journey which usually takes around five minutes, in north London last Friday night.

To ensure that all Bee’s are given a fair price to get around London, Kabbee will be offering unique codes worth £10 for anyone with the surname ‘Bee’, including Jonny and his whole hive.

All existing customers with the surname Bee will receive a notification, with a £10 off code for them to use this week. ‘NewBee’s’ will also a receive a notification with a £10 off code if they sign up this week.

So if you’re a Bee, or know a Bee, it’s your/their lucky week!

Bee fact – The surname ‘Bee’ name derives from the Medieval English ‘be’, itself deriving from the Olde English ‘beo’ meaning a bee and was originally given as a nickname to a busy and industrious worker, or an active person.




Meet and greet, the Kabbee way

TC WB.jpg-large


You’re going to be buzzing about Kabbee’s meet and greet programme.

When you arrive home from your exotic escape, you will be warmly welcomed by your Kabbee driver with your name on a Kabbee whiteboard – so you’ll never have to hunt for your driver again!

You’ll also feel more relaxed that Kabbee drivers will wait up to one hour at the terminal, helping you to avoid that ‘holiday rush’ feeling. Your driver will also track your flight and will know exactly when to be at the airport to pick you up – awesome right?!

Remember you can still benefit from the following:

  • Fixed prices upfront (airport parking space is already included in the fixed price)
  • Book up to three months in advance
  • 5 minute punctuality promise - Loyal users are entitled to Kabbee’s 5 Minute Punctuality Programme, whereby if their cab arrives more than five minutes late, they will receive a full refund for their journey.
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Double Kabbee Miles for all airport journeys

What’s more, if you take a selfie with you and your personalised whiteboard and submit it via Twitter or Facebook using the @Kabbee and hashtag #SpotBee, we’ll then treat you to £5 credit!*

Plus, we’ll select the best ‘whiteboard selfie’ posted every month** and award the winners with £20 Kabbee credit.

Happy travels,

The Kabbee Team


*£5 credit will only be rewarded once per person.

**Competition will run in July, August and September only.


Introducing Kabbee Whiteboards!

Calling all busy bees!

We’re now making it easier than ever for you to find your mighty minicab by introducing the Kabbee whiteboards.

Boards with your name will be inside your drivers’ window whilst they are waiting for you, so you can spot the cab that was sent for you without any hassle and jump inside!

Driver with board

Coming from the airport? Your driver will be standing at the arrivals with a personalised sign to greet you ahead of your journey.

When you are welcomed with your name on a whiteboard, take a selfie with you and your personalised board, submit it via Twitter or Facebook using the @Kabbee and hashtag #SpotBee. To say thank you, we’ll then treat you to £5 credit.*

Plus every month**, we will select the best ‘whiteboard selfie’ posted and award the winners with £20 Kabbee credit.

Happy travels,

The Kabbee Team

*£5 credit will only be rewarded once per person.

**Competition will run in July, August and September only.


Ultra Low Emission Zones – How will they affect London’s minicab and taxi industry?


Last week, Kabbee hosted an industry roundtable which brought together some of the most influential names in the private hire & taxi sector to discuss the proposed Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) in London. The roundtable attendees discussed the implications of ULEZ on the industry and the benefits it will bring to those living and working in London, as recent figures claim that 1,300 Londoners have died prematurely due to poor air pollution.

Who attended?

  • Justin Peters, Founder and CEO Kabbee
  • Phil Makinson, Kabbee Co-Founder
  • Steve McNamara, General Manager, LTDA
  • Dr Remo Gerber, UK CEO, Gett
  • Michael Galvin, Head of Industry Public Affairs, Addison Lee
  • Ian Mihajlovic, COO and Co-Founder, Thriev
  • Selina Talukdar, Project Officer, Zero Emissions Network (Tower Hamlets)
  • Patrick Donnelly, Senior Project Officer, Zero Emissions Network (Hackney Council)
  • Donata MacCrossan, Business Development Manager, eConnect Cars
  • Chair – Lisa Malyon

The agenda points for the discussion were as follows:

  1. What the ultra-low emission zone will mean for the London’s minicab and taxi businesses
  2. How realistic the 2020 ambitions are
  3. Supply and demand of zero-emission vehicles today and in the future
  4. Financial support for minicab and taxi businesses to promote and support change
  5. What the government is doing to support the minicab taxi industry

What’s next?

Based on the roundtable outcome, Kabbee will submit a whitepaper to TfL with its recommendations on the steps Boris Johnson should take in the run up to the launch of ULEZ in 2020. Kabbee will speak on behalf of all Londoners.

Want to know more about what matters to Kabbee, or want to suggest a good topic for discussion? – we’d love to hear from you! Email us at

Check back to see the whitepaper once it has been submitted!

The Kabbee Team


Kabbee’s Live Plot Technology


Kabbee’s Live Plot Technology

Summary of our Live Plot technology

Kabbee, London’s leading minicab booking and comparison app has revealed how its new ‘Live Plot’ technology reduces waiting time for its customers by 10 minutes on average, and increases passenger bookings to enabled fleets by up to 20 percent.

Kabbee provides data to help fleets understand growth opportunities including where demand is strong, which means reduced dead mileage and greater efficiency. Not only does this make fleets more competitive, but the technology means “price surges” that single fleets, such as Uber, apply. Kabbee’s ambition is to increase the number of cars connected to Live Plot from 4,000 to 6,000 by the end of 2015.

Kabbee’s Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer, Phil Makinson, explains how Live Plot is improving the industry for fleets:

“We spent 12 months working hard to develop proprietary software that can seamlessly integrate with the dispatch systems of our 60+ fleets to enable them to better keep up with evolutions in the industry.

The new GPS-based software can pinpoint where drivers are available and show accurate waiting times to customers (typically around 7 minutes, but rapidly reducing), giving our licensed fleets across London a better chance to compete with large fleets such as Uber and Addison Lee.

London’s minicab industry is increasingly technically advanced, and with our enhanced technology and processes, it will become even more so. We’ve already seen fleets celebrating impressive reduction figures for dead mileage overall and this is transforming the earnings potential for thousands of London cab drivers.

After testing of the UK’s first app/dispatch system live integration last year, we watched the Live Plot technology significantly waiting times and driver earnings, and we’re hearing from fleets that it’s transforming their businesses. The software will roll out across the rest of Kabbee’s fleets very soon.”

Happy travels!

The Kabbee Team


TfL’s plans for London’s minicab drivers

12/2/14 Picture by Ashley Bingham. Picture taken for Kabbee.

Boris Johnson recently announced a crackdown on minicab drivers who are ‘unable to speak English properly’, and proposed that they must pass an English-language test before becoming licensed. 

Here’s the key highlights:

  • Minicab drivers in London may be forced to take English language tests under new proposals announced by Boris Johnson.
  • The Mayor of London wants TfL to initiate new rules to ensure that private hire cab drivers have a “certain basic level” of English.
  • The announcement was made after a London Assembly member had called for more to be done to stop illegal touting by unlicensed cab drivers and reduce any safety concerns that may come with ordering a minicab. It was mentioned that touts are “getting away with it all the time”.
  • Helen Chapman, TfL’s general manager of taxi and private hire, said the English language test was being examined as a possible way of improving minicab services for Londoners. She said: “There is currently no statutory requirement for private hire drivers to speak a specified level of English, although all drivers must undertake a map reading test conducted in English.”

Based on TfL’s proposal, Phil Makinson, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer at Kabbee, shared his thoughts on behalf of Kabbee below:

“We wholeheartedly support any industry wide initiatives that will improve the quality of the sector, just as we support and provide technology and processes to ensure the lives and livelihoods of good drivers are improved. We are confident that drivers who cannot communicate or navigate well will not be performing Kabbee jobs. English tests and increased knowledge requirements would support what we are doing.”

He also spoke about the policy that Kabbee follows:

“Our general policy is to ensure that all drivers are licensed and we monitor every journey through the ratings systems to ensure passengers are happy. We do not currently apply specific languages tests, but should a driver (or fleet) receive poor ratings for any reason, which could include inability to communicate satisfactorily with a customer, Kabbee would not hesitate to remove that driver or fleet from our service. Kabbee is focused on quality and value and good communication is central to this; our guidelines to drivers include all aspects of dealing with customers including how and when to speak to customers to ensure the journey goes well.”

And on that note, rest assured that your cab journey will be of great quality when you book with Kabbee – safe travels!

The Kabbee Team

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