Luck of the Irish – Brendan bags pot of gold with Kabbee!

Kabbee partnered with Londonist to run an exclusive competition, to offer one lucky winner £250 credit to travel around the busy streets of London.

Brendan & Maeve

The winner was Brendan Kenny, based in Willesden. We spoke to Brendan to find out how he’ll be spending his prize…

Brendan Kenny lives with his fiancée Maeve in Willesden, in the borough of Brent and moved there last August, from their home in Ireland. One of the main factors they considered when moving house was how accessible their location is to the city and the public transport nearby. They have a tube station and a regular night bus close to their home.

The soon-to-be-wed couple don’t often use minicabs due to the high prices back from the city – they are well accustomed to the traditional night bus journey, and have managed to blend in with the loud singing by groups of drunken teenagers, and beer bottles rolling up and down the top seating area of the bus. However, they do value the minicab services when travelling to and from the airport to visit their home in Ireland.

After winning £250 worth of Kabbee credit, Brendan tells us what he plans to do with it: “Without a car, it can be extremely difficult to get around, so this Kabbee credit is the perfect prize for us. Maeve and I can use this credit to get home quicker after our next few nights out – and we do enjoy a good night out. We’d expect the credit to last for at least a couple of months; it’ll probably depend on what far-flung parts of London we find ourselves in future.”

“I recently won another competition online, so myself and a few friends are going for a three course dinner with petit fours, cocktails and wine in Balthazar’s private dining room in Covent Garden. I’m sure the Kabbee credit will come in handy after a few glasses of wine!”

We checked back in with Brendan a few weeks later to see how he’s been spending his credit……

 “I’ve been making better use of the credit than I could have imagined – it’s been incredibly helpful when bringing home flat-packs from Ikea!”



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