Meet the maker: Shiny new app updates for Kabbee

Alex Kershaw - Kabbee's Head of Performance

Alex Kershaw – Kabbee’s Head of Product

It’s been a hive of activity here at Kabbee lately and we’re really excited to announce some great new improvements to our app!

The new version released today makes it much easier and quicker for you to get the licensed minicab you need.

No more messing around with different settings across multiple screens – simply select your required car size or type, input the journey details and instantly get quotes to compare and book. It’s like magic.

Along with general speed and stability improvements you’ll notice a brand new look to the app. We’re really excited about this step forward and hope you enjoy using it as much as we do.

So, who was the main man behind the super new updates?  Meet Alex……

Q&A with Alex Kershaw, Kabbee’s Head of Product

What do you like the most about the new Kabbee app?

We went through so many iterations to get the landing page how it is, so Im very proud of that. The car size slider is really slick but the key thing is that we’ve got a great balance between those users that just want to book a cab as quickly as possible, who are loving the quick quote tiles on the home page,  and those that appreciate all the data we provide on our full quotes screen. It’s been a great team effort,  but this is only the beginning. We’ve just started a long process of simplifying or refreshing every page in the app so there is plenty to come.

What do you think users would find most useful?

The functionality hasn’t changed much, we’ve just collected it all together and laid it out more intuitively on a single screen, although the address search is getting increasingly granular.  At Kabbee we are focused on removing all the pain points in the minicab booking experience. Who do I call? How long will they take? Where am I now? Is there a cashpoint on route? Where is my cab now? Is this fleet any good? What does my car look like….there are so many uncertainties in booking a cab and different people get upset by different things. Our vision is to remove them all and make minicabs a quick, easy and main stream method of travel so different people find our app useful in different ways.

You have been working for Kabbee for more than a year, what’s the feature you are most proud of?

To be honest the best is yet to come. We’ve now got a fantastic design and development team, and its great to be able to innovate and push forward with new features rather than the constant focus on bug fixing and basic functionality. Our roadmap is incredibly exciting, but Track my Kabbee is the current feature im most proud of. We don’t have a driver app because we only work with fleets, and that means we have had to partner with many different players (fleets as well as their respective software providers) to provide this service. Every time the bee starts flapping on the Track my Kabbee screen it makes me smile.

What’s the next big thing you are currently working on?

In addition to some of the features we’re launching on our consumer apps, there are some massive advances happening in our business services. As we’re connecting the industry we are getting more and more data from fleets around car location, which means we can quote more fleets than ever before and give customers quicker or more accurate arrival times.

How many of your friends have you been able to recommend using the Free Cabs programme?

They all signed up before I could give them my code! I missed out there…

How often do you take a cab and what do use minicabs most for?

I live in Crouch End so its not the most public transport friendly place! Coming back from a night out and airport trips are typical trips.

What’s your second favourite app after Kabbee…of course, and why?

I use Yplan a lot. It’s a really useful service that addresses a clear need, and I like the way they have got such a unique look and feel to the overall app design and user experience. Its got character and is not just another iOS7 clone.

What song would make you ask your minicab driver to crank up the volume?

Unfortunately they don’t have any of the tracks I listen to on Heart or Magic….

Check out the shiny new look app here.

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