2015 Kabbee fleet of the year award winners

Fleet awards

Our outstanding fleet managers receiving their award from Kabbee Partner Manager, Kim

Last week Kabbee hosted its annual Fleet Awards, to reward the best performing fleets in 2015. The two top awards that were up for grabs for the 50+ fleets on the platform were:

  • Kabbee Fleet of the Year Award 2015
  • Kabbee Growth Award 2015

We caught up with some of the fantastic fleet winners for this year…

Kabbee Fleet of the Year 2015 – Premier Cars

1) How does it feel to be the best performing fleet of the 50+ fleets on the Kabbee platform? It’s great news for us, it was completely unexpected and nice that our hard work is appreciated so much.

2) What do you think helped you to get this award? All of our drivers and office staff are committed to working hard and providing the best possible service for customers – the Premier Cars ethos has customer service at the epicentre.

3) Do you have any growth plans in place for 2016? Yes. We are looking to invest in new hybrid cars to comply with environmental initiatives such as ULEZ, and we would also like to expand our fleet of wheelchair accessible vehicles. At the same time, we are also planning to move into bigger office due to the increase in office staff.


Kabbee Growth Award 2015 – GB Airport

1) What has helped you to grow this year? Forming a strong partnership with another mighty minicab operator in London (Jet Cars) has given us access to more drivers and therefore enabled us to increase the volume of bookings. In order to cope with the dramatically increased influx of jobs, we have employed well-trained and dedicated operators who do their best to complete as many bookings as possible.

2) Are there plans to grow even further next year? We definitely are planning to do so by expanding our operating areas and recruiting more drivers to satisfy the demands.

3) Where do the majority of jobs come from? Airport transfers are certainly our most popular booking choice.


Congratulations to all fleets that won this year – we’re looking forward to next year’s event already!

The Kabbee Team

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