‘Bee’autiful news for Bee’s in London!

This Buddhist Monk was clearly happy about the news...

This Buddhist Monk was clearly happy about the news…

We thought Friday’s were meant to be mighty, but not for poor  Jonny Bee who recently moved to London.

Mr Bee was charged a whopping £93 for a short journey that he arranged through another well-known minicab app, a journey which usually takes around five minutes, in north London last Friday night.

To ensure that all Bee’s are given a fair price to get around London, Kabbee will be offering unique codes worth £10 for anyone with the surname ‘Bee’, including Jonny and his whole hive.

All existing customers with the surname Bee will receive a notification, with a £10 off code for them to use this week. ‘NewBee’s’ will also a receive a notification with a £10 off code if they sign up this week.

So if you’re a Bee, or know a Bee, it’s your/their lucky week!

Bee fact – The surname ‘Bee’ name derives from the Medieval English ‘be’, itself deriving from the Olde English ‘beo’ meaning a bee and was originally given as a nickname to a busy and industrious worker, or an active person.



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