Getting the night bus tonight? Think again….



With so many tales of woe, weirdness, and wonderment resulting from what you’d expect to be a straight-forward night bus journey in London, we decided to look into what actually goes down on the top deck of London’s most infamous night bus routes.

From the rolling beer bottles and people being sick, to the boisterous crowds and flying kebabs, it seems the majority of Londoners would probably prefer to avoid these ‘nightmare journeys’, so Kabbee is staying up all night to offer a peaceful trip home for party-goers.

A study conducted by Kabbee of 1,000 Londoners, highlighted the worst five aspects involved in getting the night bus:

1.       Drunken people – 58%

2.       People shouting / chanting – 48%

3.       People eating smelly fast food – 43%

4.       Discarded beer bottles at your feet – 40%

5.       People fighting – 35%

To bring these findings to life, Kabbee has worked with a cool production agency ‘Tinderbox’, who invited members of the public to a ‘special late night event’ where they unexpectedly experienced a range of night bus scenarios.

A girl pretends to vomit on the night bus

A girl pretends to vomit on the night bus

Check out the prank video here.  Now share it with your friends using the hashtag #nightbusantics and tell us your story!


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