Kabbee celebrates with the best-performing fleets of 2014!

London’s best licensed minicab fleets and drivers are being rewarded every month by Kabbee as part of its Stars of the Month incentive. In addition Kabbee hosted its annual Fleet Awards on Tuesday evening to celebrate the success of fleets from across London.

To recognise the best performing fleets in 2014, Kabbee gave out seven trophies to the winners at their Fleet Awards in Central London. Let’s catch-up with a few of the winners to hear what they have to say…

Driver of the Year 2014


Winning driver joins fleet owner to claim his trophy

Winning driver joins fleet owner to claim his trophy

Name: Hassan M Abudlle

Drives for: Airport Express

One in a million: Hassan is shocked to be crowned Driver of the Year of 2014, “Wow…what a big surprise – I am shocked. Well, not completely shocked because I have put in a big effort all year round and looked after my passengers, but it’s just such a big deal to win this award out of thousands of minicab drivers. I am very grateful to Kabbee for recognising my hard work and hopefully you’ll see me again next year!

“My main job as a minicab driver is airport transfers – nearly every day I drive to and from London’s airports, meeting new people on the way. I’ve learnt to really understand my passengers’ needs and know when they need extra support from me with luggage, directions etc. I must say, I’m always on time and enjoy providing a reliable service to everyone.”

Fleet of the Year 2014 / Best ASAP Fleet


Fleet owner, Sean McGrath scoops two awards

Fleet owner, Sean McGrath scoops two awards

Fleet name: Airport Direct

Fleet owner: Sean McGrath

Sean’s fleet has been with Kabbee right from the start, and scooped two awards this year. He comments, “I would say it all comes down to my amazing staff…they do their jobs properly and I can’t ever fault them. We have taken the time to learn about software systems and the most effective ways to use them, and training the staff plays a vital role in that. Our team swap shifts from morning to evening, so to maintain the continuity we rely on Kabbee to support us.

“We have a very collaborative approach with Kabbee, so that we can make the best out of the system and deal with supply and demand efficiently. Although we’ve made mistakes in the past, Kabbee has always taught us how to improve and their lovely customer service team are always at the end of the phone for us. By working closely together, we are able to increase the number of drivers coming onboard and will continue to fight against other fast-growing apps in the market to build the platform.”

Best Coverage Fleet


Swiss Cottage fleet owner Raj with Kabbee's CEO

Swiss Cottage fleet owner Raj with Kabbee’s CEO

Fleet name: Raj Swiss

Fleet owner: Swiss Cottage Cars

Since 1983, Swiss Cottage Cars has grown from just one car to 400 loyal drivers. Raj tells us how he won Best Coverage Fleet: “It’s great to win an award like this – very encouraging for our fleet, and proves how brilliant technology is. Our fleet has implemented the Live Plot technology to improve the despatch software and cut dead mileage for drivers. Every fleet should have Live Plot on 24/7.

“We are a big fleet and cover most Kabbee jobs, which are always good. The software has really improved over the years, and I am seeing the results now. There has been lots of competition recently but we welcome it, in fact it’s healthy for us – it means we have to step up our game and continue to improve. We do everything we can to support our drivers because we want them to enjoy working with us, and be a part of the team long-term.”

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