Are we nearly there yet? Brits aren’t off on their holidays until they get to the airport, a study reveals


Filling in a holiday request form at work, or packing our suitcase no longer gives us Brits that ‘holiday feeling’. We keep it all bottled up until we arrive at the airport, according to a consumer study undertake by minicab comparison and booking app, Kabbee.

Helping hundreds of thousands of travellers get the best minicab fares to and from London’s five airports each year, Kabbee was keen to understand when that all-important holiday feeling really kicked in. Around one in five British holidaymakers said it was when the cab arrived to take them to the airport (17%), but almost a quarter of holidaymakers said it was arriving at the airport with plenty of time to spare that gave them that bye-bye Britain buzz (23%).

The younger the holidaymakers, the earlier the buzz begins, with 23 percent of all 25-34 year olds saying their holiday begins when they turn off their emails and leave work, compared to just 16 percent of those aged 35-44 saying it’s not until they get to the airport that they can let their hair down (23%).

Justin Peters, Kabbee Founder and CEO comments on the findings: “Generally, holidaymakers book ahead – we see around 90 percent of the hundreds of thousands of airport journeys booked via the Kabbee app coming in well in advance of the departure date. 

“We prompt anyone travelling to the airport to enter their flight number to the app, which means a driver can be waiting for them in arrivals, after actively tracking the live arrival time of their return flight. 

“This study reveals how passionate we are about those well-deserved holidays, making it even more paramount that the airport journey is seamless, and to make sure there is a hassle-free service waiting for holidaymakers as they return home.”


Kabbee Urges TfL to Increase 20mph Zones to 30mph After 8pm

Founder and CEO of Kabbee, London’s leading licensed minicab app, has today submitted an open-letter to Leon Daniels, TfL’s Managing Director of Surface Transport regarding the 20mph restriction. The letter is urging him to consider removing the 20mph restriction after 8pm, to keep traffic moving at times when many pedestrians become passengers.

To support the interests of the app’s 500K users, and its 6,000 cars across 60 plus fleets that serve them, Justin Peters, Founder and CEO of Kabbee wrote in an open letter to Leon Daniels, TfL’s Managing Director of Surface Transport, in reponse to news of eight more 20mph zones being introduced in London:

‘At Kabbee, we liaise closely with more than 60 of London’s best licensed minicab fleets on a regular basis, and therefore understand their requirements to move around the city and provide an effective service to London’s passengers.

‘The reasons behind the new safety measures is clear, and passenger and pedestrian safety is paramount to all professional drivers in London – we work closely with all fleets on our platform to ensure that safety measures are prioritised at all times. However, to impose the new 20mph speed restrictions 24 hours a day, will negatively impact the flow of traffic, unnecessarily.’

‘During high pedestrian footfall periods (from 7am until 8pm) the 20mph speed restriction is sensible, however after 8pm at night, when more pedestrians become passengers, our recommendation is that the speed limit should return to 30mph to promote a better flow of traffic and keep the city moving.’

Justin Peters comments on the introduction of eight new 20mph zones in the city:

“Kabbee is designed to ‘Make Minicabs Mighty’, in order to help Londoners move around the city – this request is part of our mission.  A safe environment for all road users is number one on our list of priorities, and second to that is a good flow of traffic to keep London moving.

“We think our request to return to the 30mph zone between 8pm and 7am is sensible, and helps to promote a safer environment during the busier daytime period, and improved traffic flow in the evening when a large percentage of pedestrians choose to become passengers.”

The full open letter has been featured on Kabbee’s blog here.


No time to waste – Brits say their time is worth £388 an hour on average



Research from the licensed minicab booking and comparison app, Kabbee has revealed that Brits consider their time is worth £338 per hour, on average, leaving no time to waste waiting around for buses, or cleaning their own homes.

The study, commissioned by Kabbee asked 1,000 employed adults in the UK how much an hour of their life is worth in monetary value, revealing the power of apps and why consumers use their Smartphone as an invaluable timesaving device.

Despite having broken through the glass ceiling in recent years, UK women still value their time at 15 percent lower than men value theirs (females said £315, compared to men who said £362 per hour).

The group that think their time is worth the most are those aged 18-24, who put the figure of £464 on an hour of their time, compared to those aged 45 to 54 who said £208 an hour.

The study also revealed the ‘average monetary value of one person’s time’ by city:


Average value per hour

Leeds £596.92
Oxford £480.08
Cambridge £409.61
London £390.00
Newcastle £320.93
Glasgow £314.58
Bristol £284.21
Birmingham £269.01
Leicester £226.54
Cardiff £217.54
Manchester £192.06
Belfast £46.94


The study was commissioned to celebrate the partnership with Housekeep, the award-winning online booking platform for regular home cleaners, joining Kabbee Treats Loyalty Programme, which gives passengers access to life-enhancing services and offers, which are rewarded based on the amount spent on minicab journeys.

Previous research from Housekeep showed that 70 percent of homeowners spend more than three hours a week doing household cleaning, tidying and chores, which amounts to a potential £1,164 worth of their time, based on the average being £388 per hour.

Justin Peters, CEO and Founder of Kabbee comments on the value Brits put on their time:

“We know from previous research that one of the main reasons people use Kabbee is because we aggregate 70+ fleets, saving passengers from calling around for the best price, or to find an available cab. It’s all about time-saving solutions today, and that’s why we partner with a similar service like Housekeep.

“Last year we asked our users what they like most about Kabbee, and 82 percent said they love the life-enhancing treats that we provide through our Loyalty Programme so we’re always looking for new partners to join us to expand the treats we can offer.”

Avin Rabheru, Founder & CEO of Housekeep comments on the findings:

“Everyone’s lives have become so busy, and multi-tasking has become the norm, meaning it’s become even more difficult to find time for cleaning your home and those ‘I’ll do it later’ type chores - whilst at the same time coming to a lovely, sparkling home is an even better feeling. 

“At Housekeep, we pride ourselves on finding trustworthy, experienced home cleaners who go that extra mile to make life easier for householders. This study has confirmed our understanding of how busy people are, and how precious time is, making services like ours and Kabbee’s extremely valuable.”


Open letter regarding 20mph zones in London

 Justin Peters

CEO & Founder of Kabbee

 1 The Broadway

Crouch End


N8 8DU 

Monday 16th March 2015

Leon Daniels

Transport for London

11th Floor, Zone R4


197 Blackfriars Road



Dear Leon,

I am writing to you regarding the new 20mph zones that are due to be introduced in London, starting in April.  At Kabbee we liaise closely with more than 60 of London’s leading licensed minicab fleets on a regular basis, and therefore understand their requirements to move around the City and to provide an effective service to London’s passengers.

The reasons behind the new safety measures are clear and passenger and pedestrian safety is paramount to all professional drivers in London. We work closely with all fleets on our platform to ensure that safety measures are prioritised at all times.  However, to impose the new 20mph speed restrictions 24 hours a day, will negatively impact the flow of traffic, unnecessarily.

During high pedestrian footfall periods (from 7am until 8pm) the 20mph speed restriction is sensible, however after 8pm at night, when more pedestrians become passengers, our recommendation is that the speed limit should return to 30mph to promote a better flow of traffic and keep the city moving.

Since our launch in June 2011, the Kabbee app has been downloaded by more than 500,000 Londoners, who use the app to access 60 fleets and thousands of licensed minicabs 24 hours a day.  Kabbee is designed to ‘Make Minicabs Mighty’, to help Londoners move around the city – this request is part of our mission.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Justin Peters,

Kabbee Founder and CEO


Driverless cars – How will they affect London’s minicab and taxi industry?



Kabbee Hosts Industry Roundtable on Driverless Vehicles in London

In September 2014, Kabbee hosted an industry-first roundtable which brought together some of the most influential names in the private hire & taxi sector to discuss the development of driverless cars and what they mean for the industry. As Kabbee represents over 70 of London’s leading licensed fleets, its senior management team was well-placed to address and lead a discussion around the subject.

Who attended?

  • Justin Peters, Founder and CEO Kabbee
  • Phil Makinson, Kabbee Co-Founder
  • Chris Lamontagne, Head of Growth, GetTaxi
  • Steve McNamara, General Manager, LTDA
  • Sean McGrath, Owner, Airport Direct (minicab fleet)
  • Helen Chapman, Deputy Director of London Taxis and Private Hire, Transport for London (TfL)
  • Nick Collins, Transport Correspondent, Daily Telegraph
  • Nicola Rosa, minicab and black cab user
  • Chairman – David LG Hearn

What interesting points did the discussion reveal?  Here’s what the attendees discussed:

  • Stakeholders believe the biggest challenge for driverless cars to be implemented successfully will be gaining the confidence of the people that are expected to ride in them.
  • Why are driverless cars coming before driverless buses? They would surely be easier to develop as they take the same route all the time.
  • It would be better to test driverless cars in the logistics and delivery industry, rather than with passengers on-board.  It would be less risk, and would mean high volumes of tests can be done in a short space of time.

What are the issues? The stakeholders said:

  • Effective satellite navigation technology is critical, as opposed to essentially driverless technology.  Satellite navigation is still not yet fool-proof.
  • It’s important to choose the correct size of vehicle to ensure system efficiency.
  • There are two sets of issues. The technological issues, and then practical issues, such as drunk people in the early hours, getting locked inside, and vandalism – all those really basic things, which if not solved cannot ensure passenger safety. For example, what’s the incentive to treat the cars with respect?

Can the minicab and taxi sector benefit from driverless cars now and in the future?

  • Operator efficiency/increased income could come from being able to do more things at the same time (sitting at home and controlling 2/3 driverless cars at a time).
  • In the longer term, driverless vehicles will drive costs down, so that volumes go up, meaning there’s more work for the provision of transport.
  • A fixed journey model would work best.
  • There is a potential to eventually differentiate products – a meeting room on wheels.

What’s next?

The majority of industry representatives who attended the roundtable have now formed a longer-term driverless cars steering group, to ensure that the sector is well-represented in all decisions around enhancements in London.  Justin Peters, Founder and CEO of Kabbee, is keen to host such industry roundtables on a regular basis, to run discussion sessions on any topics / developments that may have a future effect on the industry.

Want to know more about what matters to Kabbee, or want to suggest a good topic for discussion? – we’d love to hear from you! Email us at Kabbee@sensecommunications.co.uk

The Kabbee Team.


London’s ladies leading the way to love this Valentine’s Day

Under embargo until 00:01 on Wednesday 11th February 2015

B and W letterbox

Kabbee, London’s leading licensed minicab booking and comparison app has partnered with the UK’s top-rated online florist, Bloom & Wild to reveal the behavior of London’s lovebirds leading up to Valentine’s Day.

The city’s fiercest females are steering their partner’s wheels for Valentine’s Day, with them making 50 percent of all minicab pre-bookings. Transport isn’t the only thing ladies are sorting for their partner – half of all romantic bouquets ordered from Bloom & Wild last year, including red roses, frosted eucalyptus and red lilies, were placed by ladies for their loved ones.

That said, males booked minicab journeys that took them much further afield, amounting to a £1K spend over the amount of fares paid by women last Valentine’s Day. In 2014, Kabbee recorded a significant increase in bookings made on Valentine’s Day compared to the rest of the year, meaning that couples want a private, comfortable journey to their destination.

And who said that Londoners are too busy for love? Despite many Londoners complaining of being time-poor, the majority still have time to please their nearest and dearest. Figures from Bloom & Wild reveal that 45 percent of orders were made five days or more in advance. Similarly, 65 percent of Kabbee’s users booked their journeys in advance.

Justin Peters, CEO and Founder of Kabbee comments on the trends: “Londoners are known for their busy lifestyles and always being on the move, but based on these findings, we’re more romantic that we let ourselves believe.

“Kabbee helps to keep London moving by providing a 24/7 service and we enable our users to book up to three months in advance or immediately via cash, card or account.”

Aron Gelbard, Co-founder & CEO of Bloom & Wild comments on the findings: “Valentine’s Day is one of our busiest days of the year, so pre-orders are always welcome, but last minute orders are expected.  This year is really big for us as Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday, meaning more people will be at home rather than work.  Our fresh flower deliveries fit through the letterbox, making it a perfect treat to wake up to.”


For more information please contact the Kabbee press office at Sense Communications at Kabbee@sensecommunications.co.uk or call 0203 551 3954.


Notes to Editor

About Kabbee:

  • Kabbee lets users instantly compare quotes from more than 70 leading London fleets – based on price, time, location and type of car – and then book and pay by cash, card or pre-paid account. This saves passengers time and money and increases fleet efficiency.
  • Kabbee was launched in June 2011 and has had more than 500,000 app downloads to date.
  • Kabbee launched its ‘Kabbee Treats’ loyalty programme in 2014, which rewards its users with goodies from Kabbee and popular London-based brands. The app’s top users will be entitled to a selection of rewards, based on how many miles they have earned via Kabbee over a three month period. Kabbee’s users earn one mile for every £1 they spend, and earn more miles for referring friends to Kabbee, and booking an executive car for their journey. Users can earn double miles by booking airport journeys from 20th February 2015.
  • Kabbee incentivises its users to earn credit with its Free Cabs programme. By simply sharing their referral code the user gets £10 free credit for any friend who makes their first new account booking and their friend will automatically get £10 free credit too! Please refer to full T&Cs.
  • Kabbee won the UK Mobile App & Design Awards for ‘Best Startup App’ in June 2014.
  • Kabbee was recently named as a ‘Future 50 Brand’ by Real Business, for being one of Britain’s most exciting and disruptive new businesses.
  • Kabbee’s CEO was awarded Bronze for Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.
  • Kabbee won Bronze for ‘Best Travel & Tourism App’, as voted for by The Appys Awards 2014.


About Bloom & Wild:

  • Bloom & Wild is an online florist with a fresh approach to sending flowers. Their aim is to make sending flowers as simple as sending a text, and receiving them as easy as receiving a letter.
  • Bloom & Wild launched in September 2013 and now send thousands of flower bouquets a week.
  • Co-founders Aron Gelbard and Ben Stanway developed their award-winning Letterbox packaging to enable a bouquet of fresh flowers to be delivered through any standard letterbox in the UK via Royal Mail First Class. This means there is no need for the recipient to wait in for the delivery, and as the flowers are shipped soon after they are cut they are longer lasting.
  • Bloom & Wild’s signature attention to detail ensures a simply beautiful gift experience for the recipient. Flower heads are individually netted to protect each petal in transit, and every box is packaged by hand with care and perfected with thoughtful finishing touches.
  • Bloom & Wild launched their own iPhone app in November 2014, so you can select and send fresh flowers in 30 seconds. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or at bloomandwild.com/app
  • Bloom & Wild is already the UK’s top rated flower company with an average score of 4.82 out of 5 on independent reviews website reviews.co.uk.



Win a £20 bouquet of flowers from Bloom and Wild!

B and W letterbox

To win a £20 bouquet from our partner Bloom and Wild, simply RT our post on Twitter (see here) and cross your fingers! One winner will be announced tomorrow!

Bloom & Wild T&Cs

  • The prize can be delivered within the UK only, via Royal Mail First Class.
  • The prize is one letterbox bouquet from Bloom & Wild, worth £20.
  • If the winner chooses to redeem their prize after Saturday 14th February, they will no longer be eligible for The Juliet bouquet.
  • For more information about Bloom & Wild, visit: https://bloomandwild.com/

Our loyalty programme has had a shiny new update!

Kabbee Treats

Here at Kabbee we know how much our customers love a treat, that’s why we’ve made it even easier to become a “LoyalBee”! Here’s the new Kabbee Treats system works:

  • GoldBees – will now need to earn just 400 miles to qualify!
  • SilverBees - will now need to earn just 200 miles to qualify!
  • BronzeBees – will now need to earn just 50 miles to qualify!

Here’s how passengers can earn miles:

  • Every £1 spent = 1 mile
  • Referring friends that make their first booking with Kabbee = 10 miles
  • Choosing an executive car: £1 = 2 miles
  • NEW! Travelling to or from the airport: £1 = 2 miles

Kabbee Treats includes: a full refund for late cabs as part of its 5 Minute Punctuality Promise, upgrade to an executive cab, and £5 credit.

We’re always on the look out for new Kabbee Treats provided by our great  partners to bring even more choice for your rewards. Here is the list of current brands you can get exclusive offers from:

  • Bloom & Wild
  • Pact Coffee
  • LateRooms.com
  • Naked Wines
  • Hubbub.co.uk
  • La Gourmandina
  • Housekeep

Go to Kabbee Treats, discover your status and start redeeming your rewards!

Happy travels,

The Kabbee Team


Win the perfect prize this Valentine’s Day!



Planning a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day? Kabbee has the perfect package for you!

Kabbee is offering its lovely users the chance to get their hands on £100 Kabbee credit with a fancy executive car, a premium ‘wine and dine’ experience at MASH worth £125, courtesy of Zomato, and £50 subscription to beautiful Bloom & Wild bouquets.

Get booking ASAP for your chance to win – you only have until 11th February when the lucky love bird is chosen! The more you book, the more special your Valentine’s Day could be…

Good luck!

The Kabbee Team

Full terms and conditions

General T&Cs

  • The competition closes on Wednesday 11th February 2015.
  • The winner will be selected at random by Kabbee among all the customers that have booked between 1-11 of February 2015.
  • All the prizes will be redeemable on the 14th of February 2015.

Kabbee T&Cs

  • The prize is exclusive for Kabbee users.
  • The £100 credit will be added to the winner’s account on Saturday 14th February.
  • The £100 credit can be used for multiple journeys on or after Valentine’s Day.
  • The £100 credit will be a valid for one month after redemption.

Bloom & Wild T&Cs

  • The prize can be delivered within the UK only, via Royal Mail First Class.
  • The three month subscription from Bloom & Wild is one box of letterbox flowers delivered once a month for three months, starting with The Juliet on or before Valentine’s Day.
  • The winner may choose to delay their subscription until a later date, by contacting Bloom & Wild via email at hello@bloomandwild.com.
  • If the winner chooses to redeem their prize after Saturday 14th February, they will no longer be eligible for The Juliet bouqet.
  • All three bouquets will be sent to the same recipient.
  • For more information about Bloom & Wild, visit: https://bloomandwild.com/

Zomato T&Cs

  • The voucher is worth £125 to eat and drink at MASH restaurant in London.
  • The voucher can be redeemed by phoning MASH in advance and mentioning the Zomato voucher whilst booking.
  • The voucher may not be applicable on all items on the menu. 
  • If the voucher is used for a meal less than the total value, the balance amount will not be refunded.
  • The user shall pay the difference of the meal value and voucher value, if any.
  • The voucher is not applicable in conjunction with any other offers or promotions.
  • No two vouchers can be clubbed together at the same time; one voucher per table only.
  • A Zomato voucher can only be used once by the user and shall not be replicated, reprinted, forwarded or shared. The user shall be penalised for any breach.
  • The voucher expires on Thursday 26th November 2015.
  • For more information about MASH, visit: https://www.zomato.com/london/mash-soho?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=kabbee




1.1 Enter the code into the balance section of the Kabbee iPhone or Android app to claim your £10.

1.2 The credit will be valid for 2 weeks from application.

1.3 The credit can only be used on Kabbee account bookings.

1.4 The journey fare must be £10.01 or more.

1.5  The code is valid for new customers only.

1.6 Standard voucher terms and conditions apply.


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