Introducing Stars of the Month

Fleets and drivers are the lifeblood of Kabbee. Your hard work and dedication to our customers deserves rewarding which is why we’re proud to announce Kabbee’s new award programme.

Every month we’ll be awarding the top performing fleet £1000 to split with their controllers. In addition, the top ten preforming drivers receive £200 each. So everyone benefits and Kabbee continue to see smiles on our passengers’ faces.

At the end of a Kabbee journey, our customers are prompted to rate the service based on three criteria: Punctuality, Vehicle and the Driver. The monthly score will then be aggregated to award these prizes. It’s that simple.

The winners will be announced every month in our  Fleet Newsletter and right here on this blog! The winners will receive a cheque from Kabbee, lovely.

We encourage you to check how your fleet is doing on the Fleet Performance panel where you can also see the ratings and feedback for/of all your drivers. At the end of every journey please remember to encourage your passengers to rate their experience on the Kabbee app. The more positive reviews, the greater your chance! If you have any question or you want to find out more about the Stars of The Month programme please call 02083 427 432.

We look forward to a successful partnership!

The Kabbee Team


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