July’s stars of the month

Fleet of the Month

As part of Kabbee’s Stars of The Month initiative, drivers and fleets are rewarded based on feedback from users that have booked via the Kabbee app.

July’s Stars of The Month winning fleet has been awarded to Compass Despatch, based in Islington.  The fleet was awarded with £1000 based on how passengers rated the service, which tracks punctuality, the driver, and the car they drive.

Mumin Ahmed celebrates his award

Mumin celebrates on behalf of Compass Despatch

Compass Despatch is an executive minicab and taxi service located in Islington, which offers a high standard minicab service to the City of London and North London with a return service to all customers from anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Mumin Ahmed, Fleet Operator at Compass Despatch, comments on the Stars of The Month scheme: “To be honest, I was surprised but also ecstatic to hear that we had won the Fleet of the Month award. It’s really great to be recognised by our customers and winning this award has only made us want to increase the amount of jobs we have.”

Stars of The Month – Winning Drivers

At Kabbee, we are passionate about providing our passengers with only the best service, and we’re always looking for ways to improve it. To reward our top performing drivers for this month, we invited them to Kabbee HQ today to receive their £200 prize – our way of saying ‘You’re the Bee’s Knees!’

So, without further ado, let’s meet the winners…

Aaron Fenton O’Loughlin of Compass Despatch

We are delighted to announce that Aaron has been crowned as one of the Stars of The Month for the third time in a row! He commented: “I’m very honoured to have won the stars of the month award three times. I’ll be wearing the badges on my car with pride, and it’s fair to say I still want more.”

Aaron is a star for the third month in a row!

Aaron is a star for the third month in a row!

Q. Which celebrity would you most like to pick up and why? I first thought of Nicolas Cage as I think he’s an amazing actor who must have a lot to say. However, for me it would have to be Rihanna. She’s just perfect.

Q. What do you enjoy most about driving? Communicating with the passengers. I’d say 9 out of 10 times, the passengers are very kind and they are great company.

Michael Bloom of Great London Cars

Michael Bloom, driver for  Great London Cars, receiving his award

Michael receiving his award

Q. How does it feel to be one of Kabbee users’ favourite drivers? I think it’s a lovely surprise to be named as one of the Stars of The Month for Kabbee and I’m honoured to be awarded with the badge to stick in my car.

Q. What is the most random or strangest experience you’ve had during your career as a minicab driver? I once had a call from a Queen’s Counsellor requesting a pick up from Spain to come back to the UK during the 2010 air disruptions due to a Volcanic eruption.

Balwinder Singh of Airport Direct

Balwinder picks up his award

Balwinder picks up his award

Q. What do you enjoy most about driving? I really enjoy helping passengers out and ensuring that they’re comfortable, whether it be helping them get their bags into the car or offering to to stop off somewhere for them to get a coffee.

Q. What do you like most about working with Kabbee? Working with Kabbee is great as it brings in more jobs for us. The technology that they use is also very advanced, enabling us to pick up several jobs a day that are out of our usual pick up area, which helps to reduce the dead mileage.

Ismail Ozcan of Top Cars

Ismail is delighted with his award

Ismail is delighted with his award

Q. How does is feel to be one of Kabbee’s users’ favourite drivers? I am very excited and happy to be recognised as one of the stars of the month by the Kabbee customers. I try to be as assertive as possible when I have a passenger on board, so I think that’s the reason why I have been selected as one of the stars of the month for July.

Q. What is your dream car? It’s a tough decision but I think once I’ve finally retired, I’d love to buy a bright red Audi TT.


Want to help your favourite driver win Stars of The Month?
All you need to do is remember to rate every journey!

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