Meet Kabbee’s Stars of September

Here at Kabbee we are very passionate about rewarding our drivers and fleet partners for providing customers with a great level of service.

This month, we had seven London-based minicab drivers visit Kabbee’s offices to tell us a little bit more about themselves. Each winning driver won £200 and the winning fleet received £1000, all courtesy of Kabbee.

Winning Drivers

Michael Bloom of A2B London

This is the second time Michael has been crowned ‘Star of the Month’, and it is great to know that many customers are more than satisfied with the service he offers.


Michael collecting his second SOTM award

Michael collecting his second SOTM award from Andy Papa, Head of Exchange Partner Management at Kabbee

How does it feel to be one of Kabbee’s favourite drivers for a second time? It’s a fantastic way to start my weekend and it really is lovely to see that the customers are thinking so highly of my service. Customers often tell me that they are most satisfied with is the sense of reliability that Kabbee brings to the minicab market, which I completely agree with.

Purna Bahadur Gurung of Dial a Car

Purna visiting Kabbee for the first time

Purna visiting Kabbee for the first time to collect his award from Kim Hemmings, Exchange Partner Manager at Kabbee


What do you enjoy most about driving? I love driving because there is something different every day, whether it be the customers or current scenario that I am faced with on the road – it’s part of the job!

What is your dream car? There are so many that I’d like to say, but I think the main one has to be an Aston Martin. 

What was your previous career? Before becoming a minicab driver, I served time in the British Army.

Muhammad Azizul Haque of AK Cars


Muhammad receives his Star of The Month award

Do you have any hidden talents or unusual hobbies? Not unusual as such, but I love to learn. I am currently studying ICT and English Language in my spare time, which I hope will help to improve my service for customers even more.

What change would you most like to see in the minicab industry? Definitely for other road users to equally honour the speed limits set by local councils. It’s really disappointing when other vehicles are unnecessarily rushing one another which can cause people to break the speed limits.

Banjo Tamiru of Trio Cars


Banjo visits Kabbee to pick up his award


What do you like most about working with Kabbee? Working with Kabbee helps me with job flexibility – I am able to accept the jobs that are most convenient for me as a driver, which means I am now using a lot less fuel.

Which celebrity would you most like to pick up and why? Mario Balotelli – It’s a simple decision for me to make, reason being that he is always just himself.

Hassan Mohamed Abdulle of Airport Express Cars


Kabbee hails Hassan’s hard work

How does it feel to be one of Kabbee’s favourite drivers of the month? It really is a great achievement for me. I am always polite to the customers and I am committed to making them happy. If I drop someone off and they are not smiling, I feel as if I have not completed my job.

What change would you most like to see in the minicab industry? I think training is the key to being a successful minicab driver. If you are not trained how to be polite and assertive with customers, it can seem unprofessional.

Rajat Sharma of Claremont Executive


Rajat collects his prize

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I enjoy listening to music, watching documentaries and I also love travelling (when I get the chance to haha!)

What do you love most about driving? Well I’ve only been in the industry for three months, but it seems that in London you get to see the best sights.

Fogarasi Balazs of Great London Cars


Fogarasi meets Andy to collect his award

What is the most random or strangest experience that you’ve had during your career as a minicab driver? I once got told by my fleet manager that we had a very precious customer who needed a lift. I went and picked the customer up, and we were having a casual chat until we got to the airport. It was only then that she mentioned her name was Melanie Sykes! I was completely oblivious.

What do you like most about working with Kabbee? Since working with Kabbee, the frequency of jobs has increased dramatically, meaning that we now spend less time in the minicab office for a job to pop up.

What was your previous career? I am a qualified scientist and used to work in scientific studies.


Winning Fleet

We spoke with Anis Choudhury who owns the winning fleet, United cars.

How does it feel to be Kabbee’s favourite fleet of the month? It’s an amazing achievement for us all here at United Cars, and is also very encouraging for all of our fantastic drivers.

What do you like most about working with Kabbee? Working with Kabbee makes our lives a lot easier and the clever technology that they use creates a larger influx of jobs for us. Compared to its competitors in the market, I believe Kabbee is the most modern platform and makes ordering a minicab in London mighty.

Halloween is coming up soon, so remember to book your minicab through Kabbee and be treated not tricked! 


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