Meet October’s Stars of the Month

Being a minicab driver isn't like landing a landing a probe on the Rosetta Comet, but you do have to be a star!

Being a minicab driver isn’t like landing a probe on the Rosetta Comet, but you do have to be a star!

Kabbee Reveals October’s Stars of the Month

No two licensed minicab journeys are ever the same, and that’s part of the reason we love to hear from our passengers, to tell us which drivers and fleets are doing an awesome job.

Our Stars of the Month programme is designed to celebrate the best drivers who go that extra mile, and remind those that aren’t winning awards, of what’s important to passengers.

This month, we have selected 10 Stars of the Month, based on the amount of fantastic feedback they have received via the ‘rate your journey’ request that passengers receive when going on their merry way.

So, let’s meet some of the 10 winning drivers, and the best fleet of the month too:

Anthony Abiodun of Claremont Cars

Anthony Abiodun of Claremont Cars

Name: Anthony Abiodun

From: Tottenham

Drives for: Claremont Cars

Loves: Singing gospel music every Sunday at his family church

Anthony loves to see the look of surprise on a Kabbee passengers’ face when he pulls up in his super duper BMW 5 Series, especially when they haven’t booked a premium car.  He tells us: “It’s important to ensure the passenger feels safe and secure, as well as comfortable.  I always open the car door, I ask them if the temperature is okay, and what music (if any) they wish to listen to.”

Having started his career as a London-based minicab driver in 1989, Anthony had only great things to say about what the various governments that have been in power over the last 20 years have done for the city’s transport system.  When asked for examples, he said: “Stopping smoking in cars was a great move – nicer for everyone, and ensuring that all licensed minicabs and other cars are roadworthy – safety is key.”

Anthony is married, with three boys and one girl, who have made him a proud grandfather of two grandsons.

Habib is Mr Calm

Habib is Mr Calm

Name: Habib Rahman

From: Hounslow

Drives for: Airport Express

Loves: Being able to do all the DIY around the house

When Habib walked into the Kabbee office for his interview, he had a smile from ear to ear – a look of a man who prides himself on good manners and providing a pleasant service.

Originally coming from Afghanistan, he explained that in Britain people are extremely friendly, especially when they can see how hard he works.  Doing a 12-hour day five days a week means that Habib is keen to use his time outside of work wisely.  He’s never had to call a tradesman to his home, he can put his hand to anything, and is proud of that.

When asked why Habib thinks he won Stars of the Month, he said: “I remain calm at all times, and I understand that every new passenger is a new experience.  If I’ve had a stressful job, I never take that emotion onto the next journey.”

Keep calm, and carry on, Habib!

Proud Father and Geography Graduate, Guldip Bajwa

Proud Father and Geography Graduate, Guldip Bajwa

Name: Guldip Batwa

From: Hayes, Middlesex

Drives for: A2B Radio Cars

Loves: Having achieved an MSE in Geography, and cooking for his family of five.

As if winning the Stars of the Month award once wasn’t enough, here is Guldip winning it for the second time.

When he’s not watching his favourite Bollywood movies, Guldip loves spending time with his family – he has two daughters who he is very proud of, both who have now graduated from university.

His wife works for Terminal 4, too, so transport and travel is often the subject of discussion at the dinner table – Guldip’s favourite place to be.

When in India, Guldip received an MSE in Geography, making him keen to travel to new places, and now, as a licensed minicab driver, he knows London very well.

We asked Guldip how he felt to win the award – he said: “It’s really great, and I like what Kabbee does for its users – the price is good, and I make sure the service is the same.”

If Guldip could have a celebrity in the back of his minicab, he’s choose Dharmindra, his favourite Bollywood actor.

Give Zaid a Ferrari with David Beckham in it, and he'll be happy!

Give Zaid a Ferrari with David Beckham in it, and he’ll be happy!

Name: Zaid Dawd

From: Watford

Drives for: Falcon Cars

Loves: Fish and Chips

One of the savviest licensed minicab drivers in London is Zaid Dawd.  He shares a Toyota Prius with his brother, and when he clocks off in the evening, his cabbie brother takes the car on the nightshift – how smart!

Zaid loves his Prius, as it’s the latest model on the road, and the sensors around the vehicle make it a pleasure to drive. It’s also a 7-seater, so he can fulfill all Kabbee’s multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) jobs.

When asked why Zaid puts so much effort into his role as a minicab driver, he said: “I lived in Sweden for 15 years, where I was a minicab driver, and now that I’m here in London, I love the job more than ever.

“The greatest thing about Kabbee jobs is that they are normally longer distances, which means I can get out of the city and keep the wheels turning.”

Zaid said it’s easy to get a good rating from Kabbee passengers, as they are all so nice and friendly, and he enjoys looking after them the best he can.

If Zaid could have any car, it would be a Ferrari, and if he could choose a celebrity to have in the back of it, he’d chose Golden Balls, David Beckham.

Sean Mongan is driving donw London's Electric Avenue, with Thriev

Sean Mongan is driving down London’s Electric Avenue, with Thriev

Name: Sean Mongan

From: Clapham

Drives for: Thriev

Loves: A good pint of Guinness

After graduating from university, Sean decided to become a licensed minicab driver to pay off his student loan, before going into the career of his choice – accounting.

As he sits and counts his £200 prize for winning Kabbee’s Stars of the Month award, Sean told us that he loves being a minicab driver, and the fact that he’s making money, but not having an impact on the environment, by driving an electric vehicle.

When we asked Sean how he felt upon hearing that his passengers think he’s a superstar, he said: I was really surprised, in a good way – it’s not every day that you get such great feedback and recognition.

“I find Kabbee passengers are consistently very nice, and a pleasure to drive around the city.”

Switched on Ibrar knows the importance of excellent customer service

Switched on Ibrar knows the importance of excellent customer service

Fleet of the Month

Name: Ibrar Choudry

From: North West

Fleet Manager for: Cheetah Cars

Loves: People with manners

Just like the animal, Cheetah Cars are quick, smart and built for speed, and that’s why they are the winners of October’s ‘Fleet of the Month’.  *Big round of applause please*.

When asked why Ibrar thinks his fleet has been voted as the best by Kabbee passengers, he was quick to set the record straight, he said: “Manners is everything, and our drivers are polite, which makes a big difference the person taking a ride with us.”

“It’s a great feeling to win this award, and it’s good to be recognised by the people that matter to us most.”

When he’s not managing an entire fleet and ensuring precision timing, Ibrar is spending time educating his team on how to keep passengers happy.

If you are a very satisfied Kabbee passenger, and would love to see your favourite driver awarded for their hard work, make sure you always rate your journey and tell us why they’re so flippin’ great.

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