Meet the winners of November’s Stars of the Month awards

Leading up to the busy festive season, we have selected the top performing drivers and the best fleet of November and rewarded them with a bonus, to say a big thank you.

Winning Fleet


Fleet owner of Canary Wharf Cars shows off his skills

Fleet owner of Canary Wharf Cars shows off his skills

Name: Mohammed Hossain

Fleet Name: Canary Wharf Cars

A moment with Mohammed:

“The minicab office in Canary Wharf has been established for 45 years, and I have been there for 25 of those years. My job has become my favourite hobby – I love what I do every day, and being a fleet owner has made me realise how valuable minicab drivers are.

I enjoy busy periods the most because that’s when I can show off my real managerial skills! I like to see that every postcode within our five mile radius is covered and jobs are active. We currently have eight operators in the office and 60 drivers, but I’d like to expand in the new year.”

Winning Drivers


Towhidul is awarded best driver of Canary Wharf Cars

Towhidul is awarded best driver of Canary Wharf Cars

Name: Towhidul Anwar Molla

Drives for: Canary Wharf Cars

A moment with Towhidul:

“I feel very special for being voted as a top driver and rewarded by Kabbee, it’s a great treat. My passengers always notice how politely I speak when greeting them, and throughout the journey. I have been a minicab driver for five years now and I still find the city so beautiful.

“Being a minicab driver is very flexible as it allows me to make time for my family, whilst doing something I enjoy for a job. I work for Canary Wharf Cars which also won the Fleet of the Month, so it’s a double achievement for us.”


Mr Arslan is surprised to be a Star of the Month

Mr Arslan is surprised to be a Star of the Month

Name: Veysel Kara Arslan

Drives for: Top Cars

A moment with Veysel:

“It’s such a nice suprise to win an award for doing my job! I have been driving for 10 years and it has become a passion for me – by meeting new people every day and taking them to their destination, I feel like I am helping people. I work night shifts throughout the week and weekends, so my personal time is limited but I try to make the most out of it when I can. I am interested in farming and grow spring onions, green garlic and parsley in my garden.

“One thing I love about Kabbee is the customers – they are always friendly and polite. I never have any hassle with Kabbee’s customers and sometimes I even get generous tips from them!”


Muthahir has worked hard to please his passengers

Muthahir has worked hard to please his passengers

Name: Muthahir Ali

Drives for: Lemon Cars

A moment with Muthahir:

“It’s delightful to be recognised for my job as a minicab driver, especially when I’ve only been doing it for nine months. I have 17 years experience in retail, and before becoming a driver, I was a Store Manager at Iceland. The hours were long and stressful, and not realistic for a man like me with his fifth child on the way…so I decided to change my career.

“Being in retail, I understand how important it is to provide excellent customer service, so in this job, I make an extra effort to be polite, friendly and helpful to my passengers. I love learning from my passengers too – they all have very interesting experiences.”


Lawrence joins Andy Papa from Kabbee

Lawrence joins Andy Papa from Kabbee

Name: Lawrence Adebayo

Drives for: Great London Cars

A moment with Lawrence:

“I can’t believe I’ve been invited to Kabbee’s office to receive this reward – it’s such a thoughtful gesture! I try to remain positive and keep a smile on my face every day, so maybe my passengers have noticed that. I have been driving for four years and I really enjoy working for Great London Cars – it’s a great fleet.

“I am a big Chelsea football fan – I go to most of the games at Stamford Bridge although my three-year old daughter is not yet a fan. My family enjoy listening to music and my favourite singer at the moment is Ed Sheeran – he has a very soothing voice, which makes me more relaxed on busy days.”

Winning driver is delighted to claim his reward

Winning driver is delighted to claim his reward

Name: Siwan Sword

Drives for: Airport Direct

A moment with Siwan:

“I spent five years as an electric metre reader for G4S and I thought I got nothing out of it…but I’ve realised that it has come in handy as a minicab driver. I travelled all over West London to different homes, and now I have very good knowledge of London’s roads – I know all the shortcuts and side roads. Being a driver has given me a better salary and flexible working hours to provide for my family.

“I really enjoy seeing new faces every day and hearing people’s stories, it makes me look forward to the next day. I spend a lot of time gardening too – I have fruit trees and beautiful flowers that I look after.”

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