Anne ticks ‘top up Kabbee credit’ off her to do list

Anne Thompson

Anne Thomson

We all love a to-do-list, right?

At Kabbee, we’re such busy bees who love a good list, so we partnered with the London-based blog,’ To Do List’, to run a competition, to offer one lucky reader the chance to win £100 Kabbee credit.

Anne Thomson, from Hounslow, is the lucky lady, and when we say lucky, we mean it.  Love Game of Thrones?  Anne is only the official Games of Thrones trainee seamstress! OMB!

Anne was well chuffed with the credit, she said: “Oooh, lovely, I‘ll use some of the credit to get home from all the theatre trips I enjoy with my twin sister, and a bit when I’ve been out partying with my friends from the Royal Windsor roller derby team.  Brilliant.”

After being told she had won the credit, Anne told us how she celebrated:

“I was just checking my emails while brushing my teeth when I found out I had won the Kabbee credit, so I celebrate with a happy dance still brushing my teeth!

“I’m so excited to have won the credit, and will be using it after nights out, so no more night buses for me. The Kabbee app is great, it is so useful being able to get a minicab in a few clicks and knowing the cost before you get in!”

For your chance to win with Kabbee keep an eye on our social media to see what is coming up next!

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