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Thomas Paisley (far left) has won Kabbee’s Flower Show social media competition

Thomas Paisley (far left) has won Kabbee’s Flower Show social media competition

For each journey booked via Kabbee to and from the Chelsea Flower Show this year, we donated £1 to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT), supporting it on its mission to save Britain’s bees from decline. In total, 116 Kabbee journeys were made to and from the venue this year, resulting in a grand donation of £116 to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

In conjunction with this campaign, Kabbee launched a social media competition to help promote the charity initiative, whereby people were encouraged to share the initiative with their friends and followers, to help raise awareness in support of the BBCT.

The lucky winner, Thomas Paisley, received tickets for the next RHS Flower Show on 8-13th July, at Hampton Court Palace.

We spoke to Tom to see what he gets up to in his spare time; Tom was born and raised in London and is very fond of travelling and exploring London for its quaint bars and restaurants. He loves all things digital and technology based and works as a Digital Marketing consultant, as well as owning a small business. Tom has one sibling and aspires to buy a family home in Dulwich in the near future.

The 23 year-old from Croydon in South London, commented on winning the tickets; “I’m delighted that I have won the tickets for the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show as it is one of those calendar events that I have always wanted to attend, and is the perfect occasion to spend time with my mum. I know how much demand there is for tickets, so I’m considering myself very lucky.”

“It’s great to see that Kabbee are working to support charities such as the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, and I will be happy to support any future charity initiatives that Kabbee is involved with.”

He also commented on his experience with Kabbee;I’ve had a great experience using Kabbee, it’s such an easy to use app. I found the right cab for me every time I’ve used it, and always receive such a friendly service. I highly recommend it.”

Kabbee also has future plans to support the BBCT charity, once again by donating £1 for every journey made to and from the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show between 8th and 13th July.

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