We Bow to Brendon – Creator of the Kabbee App for Windows 8 Phone

Kabbee's Busy Developer Bee - Brendon Bezuidenhout

Kabbee’s Busy Developer Bee – Brendon Bezuidenhout

What phone platform do you use, personally?

Windows Phone 8 (WP8) on the Nokia Lumia 1020; I jumped ship from Apple when Windows Phone 7 (WP7) first hit the scenes back in 2010 – But if I’m REALLY honest I’m on the developer preview program so I am already playing around with Windows Phone 8.1 so I can get to grips with some of the new features to help make the Kabbee experience on the Windows Phone that little bit more easier. There are quite a number of features in 8.1 I am very interested to try out to ensure that our users are given the best experience they can on the Windows Phone platform.

What do you like the most about the new Kabbee app?

The slick user experience first and foremost – The Windows Phone app for Kabbee is a completely new mobile experience and utilises Microsoft’s ‘modern design’.  This is exemplified by clean, uncluttered screens and minimized amounts of text.  This is a bit of a journey for all of us here in utilising the modern design, with its foundation partly in Bauhaus philosophy we want to ensure that we continually evolve the app and give a fast, fluid user experience that immerses our users.

What do you think Windows Phone users would find most useful?

The fast, responsive feel of the app and being a completely native built app. We started with a completely clean slate on this one and the only influences from our other devices was our API. There are so many nice little touches that the app will give to users from all walks;  but the most useful feature I think would be our notification bee that pops up his helpful head here and there around the app. It’s a completely unique feature to the WP platform so I’m afraid you’ll have to get a Windows Phone device to experience the awesomeness of it.

What’s the feature you are most proud of?

Track My Kabbee most definitely – This piece of work required a team effort form the server and the mobile team to get it just right. There were a number of technical challenges which were rather fun to overcome and let me flex some of my creativity within the code. Looking back on it now and the iterations the feature has taken it has evolved quite beautifully and I’m proud to have been part of the team that made it happen.

What’s the next big thing you are currently working on?

I’m juggling several projects at the moment at Kabbee so I’m kept interested and out of trouble, but the most one I’m working on in spare time is a better messaging infrastructure within the app to ensure our users are made aware of important information about their journeys.

How many of your friends have you been able to recommend using the Free Cabs programme?

Lets just say I’ve not had to pay for quite a few cabs with the referrals I’ve made ;)

How often do you take a cab and what do use minicabs for most, work or pleasure?

Quite often actually – I live in Suffolk so there are nights when I have to catch a later train or have a night out that I need to catch a cab to my home village. But when I’m in London I can now happily use the Kabbee app on my phone without having to borrow a friends’ iPhone.

What’s your second favourite app (after Kabbee…of course), and why?

Run+ is almost my most used app on my phone. I do a lot of running and spend my lunches out and about running through the parks in North London or on weekends around the English countryside training for marathons and my first ultra-marathon in late August.

What song would make you ask your minicab driver to crank up the volume?

Tomahawk by BT & Adam K – This is the heartbeat of the desert and reminds me of Burning man when my partner proposed to me.

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