What Izzzit?!

Elizabeth Barrett

Elizabeth Barrett

Kabbee offered £100 free credit to Kiss FM to giveaway with many other cool prizes in their recent ‘Izzzit’ competition.  To win the prize bundle, listeners of the breakfast show had to identify what the sound was after a sound clip was played.

After several weeks, one lucky winner finally managed to guess the sound correctly… It was a football being kicked through grass!

The winner was Elizabeth Barrett, from Cheam, Surrey. We spoke to Elizabeth to find out more about her…

Elizabeth lives with her husband in the London borough of Sutton, Surrey. Away from her job in marketing, Elizabeth enjoys baking, sewing and going out with her friends.

Elizabeth told us how she won the competition: “I’m a regular listener of the Kiss breakfast show as it’s usually on in my living room when I’m getting ready for work in the mornings. I had tried to get through to make a guess on several occasions but had no luck.

“After about the fifth time of trying, I managed to get through to make a guess, and after saying what I thought the noise was, I heard the presenters screaming and shouting. I knew I must have guessed it correctly and once they confirmed this to be true I was gobsmacked. I will admit that I was so happy I did a little dance on my way to work!”

Elizabeth mentioned how she plans to use all of her prizes: “When you’re in London, it can be very tiring trying to get around and plans can often change due to unexpected delays with public transport, so this Kabbee credit is the perfect prize for me. With Kabbee, you can plan ahead by making a booking well in advance, which is very handy for me. I’ll also be using the credit to get home from those girly nights out in the city, safe and sound!”

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