Kabbee Celebrates National Customer Service Week

Pranuthi enjoys her role in customer service

Pranuthi enjoys her role in customer service

National Customer Service Week is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of customer service and the vital role it plays in successful business practice. We recognize the hard work of our team and this month, our users rated us 8 out of 10 for customer service!

To celebrate this special week, we caught up with the Kabbee’s wonderful Customer Service Manager, Pranuthi Chander, to find out the most exciting elements in her role…

What do you enjoy most about working with Kabbee?

I love the buzz here; no two days are the same and there’s always something going on – like a new customer service initiative, training a new fleet, launching a new feature.

What does your role at Kabbee entail?

Customers! Ensuring that they have a great experience with us always. We get lots of positive feedback from our customers, which is always a pleasure and of course I am keen to resolve any issues that may arise as soon as possible.

How much experience have you had in customer service – was your previous job similar to your current role?

I have worked in customer service roles in the past, mostly in retail but Kabbee is very different from my previous roles. We work with a variety of London’s best licensed fleets, which is challenging and keeps me on my toes!

What advice would you give beginners joining the customer service sector?

If you’re passionate about helping others and develop a love your product, you’re good to go.

How does Kabbee reward / incentivise loyal customers?

We offer a Free Cabs programme – a brilliant referral scheme that my friends and I have benefitted from. We simply share a referral code with a friend, and receive £10 free credit if they make their first booking with Kabbee, and our friend will also get £10 free credit too! It’s my job to select our top customer raters of the month (my favourite part) and reward them with £50. Our product team are working on a brand new loyalty scheme that we are very excited about too – it’s a secret for now…

What feature or service of Kabbee appeals to customers the most?

Our passengers know that they can choose between a fully vetted range of the best minicab companies that offer competitive prices and lead times. They can customise their car to suit their needs and have the flexibility of pre-booking a journey or jumping into a Kabbee straight away.

How do you plan on celebrating National Customer Service Week?

Every week is customer service week at Kabbee HQ… :)


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