Kabbee’s High Flyer Wins £50 Credit

With 25% of all your Kabbee journeys going to and from London’s five airports, we wanted to give a little something back to reward users.

We launched a competition in August that gave some lucky winners free Kabbee credit to get their next airport journey for free.

And here are some of the winners, ready to say hello:

Artyom Smirnov



Artyom Smirnov, winner of £50 Kabbee credit

Artyom works as an oil and gas consultant in London and enjoys keeping fit in his spare time. He is also greatly interested by politics, so is often found with his head in a newspaper or watching the news channels.

We spoke to Artyom to find out more… “I was actually sitting at my desk at work when I found out that I had won the £50 Kabbee credit. It was a fantastic surprise and I was delighted to find out that I’d be able to catch a few free cabs around London using my favourite minicab app that I know I can rely on!”


Yoel Flohr

Yoel runs a small consultancy in London and is also due to open an office in New York City. As Yoel is often on the move around the capital, he uses Kabbee for all of his cab journeys around London. Being a regular user, Yoel mentioned that he was very happy to reap some lovely rewards.

Yoel commented on the Kabbee service, “I love the service that Kabbee provides. It is very reliable and brings transparency to a market that wasn’t there before. The ratings are a great way to figure out which company is most reliable and I particularly love the fact that the price you book at is the price you pay; no surge pricing! I will be recommending Kabbee to all of my friends.”

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