A lucky Londoner who booked a ride with Kabbee last month, has won £250 worth of Sushi Samba for two!

The winner was Iya Goubareva, based in Wapping. We spoke to Iya to find out how she’ll be spending her grand prize…

Iya looks excited to visit Sushi Samba

Iya looks excited to visit Sushi Samba!

The outdoor queen, Iya Goubareva lives in Wapping, London and uses her favourite mobile app, Kabbee, about once a week. She loves travelling, and being outdoors exploring the unusual, and is addicted to research – most likely due to her career as a Biomedical Research Scientist. Iya is also studying Optimum Nutrition at Richmond Optimum Nutrition Institute.

In her spare time, Iya enjoys cooking, inventing recipes, skiing, reading, and most of all – dining out, which is why she was ecstatic to win a luxurious visit to Sushia Samba. The best part of the story, is that she won the prize on her birthday (happy belated)!

After winning £250 worth of Sushi Samba, Iya expresses her gratitude, and explains how she plans to spend her evening: “I was sitting in my living room, on my birthday, and I received an email from Kabbee saying ‘Congratulations!’ and I jumped out of my seat! I was so surprised to win such an awesome prize – I’ve never won any raffles or lotteries in my whole life, and I even thought it must be a mistake and had to double check the email…

“I’m very excited to dine at Sushi Samba, and will be taking a very special friend with me. I am a huge Kabbee fan, I am so impressed with the app’s features, and the fact that I can book a cab on my phone in a flash, choose the time, the price, and the size of the vehicle. I can pay online and have money on my account for emergencies – now I can even see exactly how far my cab is from my destination. Kabbee has made my year.”



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