Ryan’s ravishing idea wins £100 Kabbee credit

At Kabbee, we wanted to find out the best things to do and the coolest places to go for two people in London, on a £10 budget.

So we launched a social media competition between August 29th and September 5th that gave people the chance to tweet or post a fun activity for two friends to do in London with just a tenner, using the hashtag #StuffToDoFor10.

Ryan Williams was the lucky winner of the £100 Kabbee credit after coming up with this idea (see tweet here):

Ryan's tweet


We caught up with Ryan to find out more:

Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams, winner of £100 Kabbee credit

Ryan Williams, winner of £100 Kabbee credit

Ryan is a student, currently studying GCSE English, Maths and Photography. In his spare time he enjoys travelling, photography, walking his dog, going to the movies, watching musicals and concerts.

Ryan found out that he’d won the #StuffToDoFor10 competition when he was out for a drink at a local restaurant. He commented: “I’m extremely happy to see £100 credit in my Kabbee account and I’m very grateful that I won. I love that Kabbee hold competitions to reward loyal customers!

“I use Kabbee a lot for short trips in London when I don’t know how to get to where I need to go. It’s extremely convenient for me. I prefer it to other minicab apps because you get an exact quote at a price that is fixed.”

We also asked Ryan about his overall experience with Kabbee: “Kabbee is a great app; I first used it in December 2011 and have continued to use it ever since. Fantastic customer service and a superb app, I can’t wait to spend my credit and take my friend for that Pizza. Haha!”



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