Kabbee Announces Awesome New Partners to its Loyalty Programme!

If you’re planning your summer break, searching for a ‘mobile spa’ solution, or your dog is barking for a holiday, we have the perfect treats for you!

We’d like to warmly welcome our latest trio to the Kabbee Treats Loyalty Programme this summer:

  • Airbnb – global community hospitality app
  • Urban Massage – on-demand mobile massage service
  • DogBuddy – peer-to-peer dog care platform

AirbnbUrban MassageDB

Now that the heat has really kicked in, it’s time to treat yourself to a range of relaxing rewards, to help keep your cool as the temperature rises.

Our top customers will be entitled to exclusive discounts and vouchers to get money off their first holiday via Airbnb, their first home massage treatment via Urban Massage, and a short break from their dog responsibilities with DogBuddy.

The more miles you earn, the better the reward! Here’s how Kabbee Treats works:

  • GoldBees – 400 miles to qualify!
  • SilverBees – 200 miles to qualify!
  • BronzeBees – 50 miles to qualify!

Just to remind you, here’s how you can earn miles on the app:

  • Every £1 spent = 1 mile
  • Referring friends that make their first booking with Kabbee = 10 miles
  • Choosing an executive car: £1 = 2 miles
  • Travelling to or from the airport: £1 = 2 miles

*EXCLUSIVE OFFER* customers who make standard and green bookings in July will qualify for double miles (£1 = 2 miles).

Go to Kabbee Treats, discover your status and start redeeming your well-earnt rewards!

Happy travels,

The Kabbee Team

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