Open letter regarding 20mph zones in London

 Justin Peters

CEO & Founder of Kabbee

 1 The Broadway

Crouch End


N8 8DU 

Monday 16th March 2015

Leon Daniels

Transport for London

11th Floor, Zone R4


197 Blackfriars Road



Dear Leon,

I am writing to you regarding the new 20mph zones that are due to be introduced in London, starting in April.  At Kabbee we liaise closely with more than 60 of London’s leading licensed minicab fleets on a regular basis, and therefore understand their requirements to move around the City and to provide an effective service to London’s passengers.

The reasons behind the new safety measures are clear and passenger and pedestrian safety is paramount to all professional drivers in London. We work closely with all fleets on our platform to ensure that safety measures are prioritised at all times.  However, to impose the new 20mph speed restrictions 24 hours a day, will negatively impact the flow of traffic, unnecessarily.

During high pedestrian footfall periods (from 7am until 8pm) the 20mph speed restriction is sensible, however after 8pm at night, when more pedestrians become passengers, our recommendation is that the speed limit should return to 30mph to promote a better flow of traffic and keep the city moving.

Since our launch in June 2011, the Kabbee app has been downloaded by more than 500,000 Londoners, who use the app to access 60 fleets and thousands of licensed minicabs 24 hours a day.  Kabbee is designed to ‘Make Minicabs Mighty’, to help Londoners move around the city – this request is part of our mission.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Justin Peters,

Kabbee Founder and CEO

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