Get a minicab to the catwalk and win! London Fashion Week Limited Edition Watches up for Grabs!


I bet they all arrived in style, with a premium Kabbee!


Fancy yourself as a bit of a fashionista? To make sure everyone at London Fashion Week agrees, make your show stopping entrance with Kabbee. Psst.. why not book one of our premium cabs to get there or back in extra style? Those Louboutins can’t be comfy – right?

LFW watch 1

Check out this thin time piece, it’s gorgeous.

The best bit of this trendy travel option? You can be in with a chance of winning one of four gorgeous Swatch London Fashion Week Limited Edition watches, courtesy of Kabbee.

All you have to do for the chance to win is travel with Kabbee to or from Somerset House during LFW and you’re in the draw. We like making life easy as we know it’s hard being so damn cool.

Good luck sweetie dah-lings! Everything you need to know about LFW is here.

The serious bit – Terms and Conditions

To be in the chance of winning one of four Limited Edition London Fashion Week Swatch watches,  you must book a Kabbee to or from Somerset House between 9am on Saturday 13th September and 11.59pm on Tuesday 16th September. Kabbee will pick the winners of the competition at random on Wednesday 17th September.  Lucky winners will receive an email as notification.


Kabbee’s High Flyer Wins £50 Credit

With 25% of all your Kabbee journeys going to and from London’s five airports, we wanted to give a little something back to reward users.

We launched a competition in August that gave some lucky winners free Kabbee credit to get their next airport journey for free.

And here are some of the winners, ready to say hello:

Artyom Smirnov



Artyom Smirnov, winner of £50 Kabbee credit

Artyom works as an oil and gas consultant in London and enjoys keeping fit in his spare time. He is also greatly interested by politics, so is often found with his head in a newspaper or watching the news channels.

We spoke to Artyom to find out more… “I was actually sitting at my desk at work when I found out that I had won the £50 Kabbee credit. It was a fantastic surprise and I was delighted to find out that I’d be able to catch a few free cabs around London using my favourite minicab app that I know I can rely on!”


Yoel Flohr

Yoel runs a small consultancy in London and is also due to open an office in New York City. As Yoel is often on the move around the capital, he uses Kabbee for all of his cab journeys around London. Being a regular user, Yoel mentioned that he was very happy to reap some lovely rewards.

Yoel commented on the Kabbee service, “I love the service that Kabbee provides. It is very reliable and brings transparency to a market that wasn’t there before. The ratings are a great way to figure out which company is most reliable and I particularly love the fact that the price you book at is the price you pay; no surge pricing! I will be recommending Kabbee to all of my friends.”


Kabbee Founder Responds to Inside Out London’s Feature on Illegal Minicabs

Kabbee Founder on Inside Out London

Kabbee Founder on Inside Out London

Tonight’s Inside Out London programme focused on the number of illegal minicabs in the capital.  The feature was prompted by black cabbies who said their passengers are being touted by illegal minicab drivers, who solicit would-be passengers on the streets.  This is a major issue in London, and we’re proud that Kabbee is designed to combat the problem.  As far as we are concerned, one illegal minicab is too many.

The dangers of getting into an unmarked vehicle are absolutely unthinkable, and TFL has invested a lot of money into raising awareness and educating people about avoiding the use of illegal minicabs or ‘cowboys’ as night time revelers refer to them.  This programme reveals that there is still a lot of work to be done.  One London black taxi driver said: ‘There are so many touts, we can’t get through to the partygoers as they leave the nightclubs.”  That’s rather concerning when you take into account that there were only 74 arrests for touting last year – that’s obviously not enough.  We need more enforcement against drivers who are breaking the law.

What are illegal touts doing to the minicab and taxi industry?

In London alone, there are 65,000 licensed minicabs (40% of all licensed minicabs in the UK), whose drivers do a fantastic job, helping to get millions of Londoners from A to B safely.  The behaviour of illegal minicabs, or ‘touts’ is completely undoing the great work that licensed minicab drivers do in the capital, by damaging the reputation and creating a ‘grey area’ for people who aren’t familiar with what type of transport options are safe, and which aren’t.

How can you tell if a minicab is licensed?

By law, licensed minicabs must only pick up passengers who have pre-booked a journey.  It’s as simple as that.  The only cars that can be flagged down, or taken without a booking via a licensed  office, are London’s iconic black cabs.  The Kabbee app allows people to book a minicab instantly, or to book ahead – either way, a licensed minicab arrives and the passenger receives a text message beforehand with the car’s registration plate details – there’s no room for error.  Kabbee works with over 70 fantastic fleets, who provide up to 15,000 cars to app users – all fleets have to pass a strict 30-point check, to ensure 100% safety and professionalism on every journey.

What can you do to stay safe?

In the event that a black cab or night bus is not an option, always have a minicab aggregator app on your smartphone.  You will be able to access a safe, licensed minicab within minutes.  No matter where you are in London, you’ll have access to up to 15,000 licensed minicabs, night or day.  Licensed minicab apps like Kabbee allow you to pay by card and  even pre-load your account with credit, so there’s no need to stop off at a cash machine late at night.  We always recommend that when waiting for a minicab, you stay exactly where you have specified as your pick-up point, and whilst waiting, stay with a friend, or whoever you’re out with.  As soon as a licensed minicab driver collects you, they will alert the minicab office to say they have collected you, and that you’re on your way to your destination.

How can you help?

There are a few ways that you can help yourself, and others:

  1. Never get in an unmarked vehicle, ever.  No matter how many people you are with, or what the driver says, by taking an unmarked cab, you’re encouraging the illegal behaviour, which is causing a danger to others.
  2. Pre-book a minicab before you go out or when you are thinking about heading home – don’t leave getting home to chance
  3. You can help your friends by suggesting that they download a minicab app – they’ll never be stranded with no way to get home again. (With Kabbee you and your friend get £10 free credit every time a new friend joins)
  4. Raise awareness, and act smart – when you’re out, remind friends to think before they start to head home – what’s the safest way?

Thanks for taking the time out to read this blog – it’s people like you that can spread the word to keep others safe.

Justin Peters, Kabbee CEO & Founder



Enter our ‘Stuff to do for a tenner’ competition now!

To celebrate general kindness, we are launching a competition on Facebook and Twitter to treat you and a friend to an exciting activity of your choice.

To enter our #StuffToDoFor10 competition, simply tweet or post a fun activity that both you and a friend can do with just a tenner. If entering on Twitter, you must tag @Kabbee and use the hashtag #StuffToDoFor10 to be in with a chance of winning. If you fancy your luck on Facebook instead, you need to post the fun activity on our page, add the hashtag #StuffToDoFor10 and tag the friend you’d like to include.

The tweet/post that receives the most engagement through likes, favourites, shares and retweets between 5:00pm BST Friday 29th August and 5:00pm BST Friday 5th Septemberwill win £100 worth of prepaid Kabbee credit.

There are always free cabs available and you can earn £10 Kabbee credit simply by referring a friend.  Your friend will also receive £10 towards their first account booking.


How to Refer and Earn:



The more friends you refer, the more credit you’ll earn. And with no limits on the amount of friends you invite, you could find yourself travelling for free everywhere you go.

Happy travels,

The Kabbee Team

Making Minicabs Mighty!


  • The competition will start at 5:00pm BST on Friday 29th August and will close at 5:00pm BST on Friday 5th September.
  • The prize is £100 worth of prepaid Kabbee credit.
  • The £100 Kabbee credit will be included to the winners Kabbee account during the week commencing 8th September.
  • The one customer with the most engagement (likes/favourites/retweets/shares) will win £100 worth of Kabbee credit.
  • If more than one person receives the same amount of engagement, a winner will be picked at random from these high-engaging posts/tweets.

- SeeRefer-A-Friend T&C’s here. - https://www.kabbee.com/?page_id=146


A lucky Londoner who booked a ride with Kabbee last month, has won £250 worth of Sushi Samba for two!

The winner was Iya Goubareva, based in Wapping. We spoke to Iya to find out how she’ll be spending her grand prize…

Iya looks excited to visit Sushi Samba

Iya looks excited to visit Sushi Samba!

The outdoor queen, Iya Goubareva lives in Wapping, London and uses her favourite mobile app, Kabbee, about once a week. She loves travelling, and being outdoors exploring the unusual, and is addicted to research – most likely due to her career as a Biomedical Research Scientist. Iya is also studying Optimum Nutrition at Richmond Optimum Nutrition Institute.

In her spare time, Iya enjoys cooking, inventing recipes, skiing, reading, and most of all – dining out, which is why she was ecstatic to win a luxurious visit to Sushia Samba. The best part of the story, is that she won the prize on her birthday (happy belated)!

After winning £250 worth of Sushi Samba, Iya expresses her gratitude, and explains how she plans to spend her evening: “I was sitting in my living room, on my birthday, and I received an email from Kabbee saying ‘Congratulations!’ and I jumped out of my seat! I was so surprised to win such an awesome prize – I’ve never won any raffles or lotteries in my whole life, and I even thought it must be a mistake and had to double check the email…

“I’m very excited to dine at Sushi Samba, and will be taking a very special friend with me. I am a huge Kabbee fan, I am so impressed with the app’s features, and the fact that I can book a cab on my phone in a flash, choose the time, the price, and the size of the vehicle. I can pay online and have money on my account for emergencies – now I can even see exactly how far my cab is from my destination. Kabbee has made my year.”




50% of holiday luggage is unnecessary, and costs Britons £392 million every year*


Kabbee, London’s leading minicab comparison and booking app, has revealed that 34 percent of people in the UK that travel abroad wear only half of what they pack, and 24 percent have to spend an average of £32.50 on extra luggage capacity, costing Brits £393 million every year.*

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the ladies that are packing unnecessary clothing and shoes, it’s the men.  Compared to 32 percent of women, 36 percent of men don’t wear half of what they take.

When asked how much ‘over-packers’ spend on extra luggage capacity, the average spend was revealed to be £32.50.  Travellers aged 35-44 years said they spend the most on extra luggage – around £33 per journey.  That said, as travellers age, the more sensible they seem to be when it comes to packing only the necessities.  43 percent of 18-24 year olds wear less than half of what they pack, compared to just 21 percent of people aged 55 or older.

Kabbee decided to look into how airport journeys can be made easier for passengers, with 25 percent of all their journeys being to and from London’s five airports.  Kabbee polled 1,000 British adults who had travelled abroad in the last year, to find out how many passengers take too much luggage, adding an extra tax to their holiday.

Earlier this year, Kabbee revealed the top six reasons for passengers missing or delaying a flight**:

  1. Traffic delays on public transport (engineering works, road accident) – 39%
  2. Overslept – 28%
  3. Last minute packing / disorganised – 26%
  4. Forgetting the date of travel – 18%
  5.   Going to the wrong terminal – 13%
  6. Passport had expired – 12%

Justin Peters, CEO and Founder of Kabbee explains how passengers can relax before their flight: Our study is designed to remind people that have a flight booked this holiday season to plan ahead for a stress-free getaway.  Extra costs for luggage, etc can be avoided, it’s just about being more disciplined when packing.

“We’ve heard stories from our minicab drivers, about passengers taking large amounts of luggage, and now we know that half of it is not even being worn.  More than 25 percent of all bookings made via Kabbee are airport journeys, so we’re keen to help to keep costs down by offering simple advice to passengers.

*calculation is based on 24% of 50.3 million people that travel abroad each year (ABTA Travel Trends Report 2013)

** Kabbee’s travel study included a national omnibus survey of 1000 UK adults from 08.04.14 – 10.04.14.


Win free airport journeys with Kabbee

Win airport journeys with Kabbee!

It's home time, not moan time - win free cabs with Kabbee

It’s home time, not moan time – win free cabs with Kabbee

There’s no point in getting in having a moan when you arrive home, Kabbee has it all covered.  Minicabs can be booked via Kabbee to get you to each of London’s five airports with ease.  To make your holiday more ‘Copacabana than caravan’, make sure you get a minicab to the airport, and be in with a chance to win your next journey for free – maybe the one home!

You’ve got to be in it to win it

Every day for the next 5 days, Kabbee will select at random a Kabbee user that has booked an airport journey, and they will be rewarded with a free journey to get home!  Sweet.  You don’t have to do anything, just make sure you book ahead for your holiday airport journey, and your work is done.  The rest is up to us.

Kabbee will randomly select five users that have booked an airport journey via Kabbee between Thursday 14th August 2014 00:01 BST and Monday 18th August 2014 11:59 BST.  One winner will be picked at random on each day that the competition is active.  Each respective winner will receive an email alerting them that they have been credited £50 for their next journey booked via Kabbee.

The important bit

To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is book an airport journey through the Kabbee app, and we will pick a winner at random each day between Thursday 14th August to Monday 18th August who will then receive £50 worth of credit. This will be credited to the winners account during or before the week commencing Monday 25th August, and after the airport journey has been booked. All 5 winners will be contacted by email and must confirm their Kabbee account email address, full postal address and confirmed airport journey reference number to claim their £50 credit.

In order to get this credit, the winners must have a Kabbee account. You can create this by visiting kabbee.com and registering online or by going to the App Store (iPhone), Play Store (Android), Blackberry World (Blackberry) or Windows Store (Windows Phone 8).

Please read the full app terms and conditions here.


Kabbee launches new Take Me Home feature!



Why did Cinderella really have to head home at 12am? 

10pm is the average ‘Take Me Home’ time for women, a study reveals

Kabbee, London’s leading minicab comparison and booking app has revealed that half of all women are having to head home from a night out between 9-11pm, all because their high heeled shoes are causing them pain.

Kabbee surveyed a total of 500 females and 500 males across the country to find out at what time heels really become ‘a pain’, not only for the ladies, but the men they are with too.  A massive 86 percent of women admitted that their shoes have hurt them on a night out, and 73 percent of men said their other half has previously complained about painful shoes during a night out together.

According to 25 percent of men, women start complaining about painful shoes as early as 9pm, but they reckon the biggest window for whining is 10-11pm (29%).

The study was undertaken as part of Kabbee’s research into what makes people head home on a night out, and to celebrate the launch of its ‘Take Me Home’ button, that is now live on the platform.

Kabbee’s ‘Take Me Home’ button uses GPS data to immediately locate the users’ current location, and because it already knows where they live, it provides instant quotes from over 70 fleets in London, enabling the passenger to choose from the cheapest, closest or most premium option to get home.  The new feature reduces the number of taps to getting a minicab from five, to three.

Justin Peters, CEO and Founder of Kabbee comments on the excitement of a new feature: It’s vital that Kabbee is always delivering the best possible consumer experience, and with that comes the need for cutting edge design and innovative technology. Kabbee was designed to use digital technology to take what is an ancient transport infrastructure into the 21st Century.

“We’ve prioritised the launch of the ‘Take Me Home’ function after our users told us that they’d like to see it on the platform.  User feedback is valuable to us, and our data indicates that half of the time our regular users book a minicab via Kabbee to go home, so the button will come in handy.”

Kabbee has collaborated with London’s leading Podiatrist and Chiropodist, Nicolas Ivanoff, Founder of Feet by Pody to offer advice to ladies who love to wear heels.  He shared his advice:

“Ask any woman…high heels are an essential part of the wardrobe at some stage in life – they make your legs look longer. But they can cause problems ranging from blisters, corns and calluses to serious foot, knee and back pain. Most women power through, and continue to wear high heels, despite the pain, which is not advisable.  My role is to help women enjoy wearing high heels, without damaging their feet. The key to comfort is wearing heels for shorter periods of time.

“Also 90 percent of all women wear shoes that are too small for them.  My biggest piece of advice to women that wear high heels is to treat their feet to some TLC when they arrive home – a relaxing foot massage, or a nice hot bath to relax the feet, works wonders.  Women should always seeks professional advice from their podiatrist when a problem arises and give their feet an annual check.”

Kabbee’s Take Me Home button is live on the app now.


What Izzzit?!

Elizabeth Barrett

Elizabeth Barrett

Kabbee offered £100 free credit to Kiss FM to giveaway with many other cool prizes in their recent ‘Izzzit’ competition.  To win the prize bundle, listeners of the breakfast show had to identify what the sound was after a sound clip was played.

After several weeks, one lucky winner finally managed to guess the sound correctly… It was a football being kicked through grass!

The winner was Elizabeth Barrett, from Cheam, Surrey. We spoke to Elizabeth to find out more about her…

Elizabeth lives with her husband in the London borough of Sutton, Surrey. Away from her job in marketing, Elizabeth enjoys baking, sewing and going out with her friends.

Elizabeth told us how she won the competition: “I’m a regular listener of the Kiss breakfast show as it’s usually on in my living room when I’m getting ready for work in the mornings. I had tried to get through to make a guess on several occasions but had no luck.

“After about the fifth time of trying, I managed to get through to make a guess, and after saying what I thought the noise was, I heard the presenters screaming and shouting. I knew I must have guessed it correctly and once they confirmed this to be true I was gobsmacked. I will admit that I was so happy I did a little dance on my way to work!”

Elizabeth mentioned how she plans to use all of her prizes: “When you’re in London, it can be very tiring trying to get around and plans can often change due to unexpected delays with public transport, so this Kabbee credit is the perfect prize for me. With Kabbee, you can plan ahead by making a booking well in advance, which is very handy for me. I’ll also be using the credit to get home from those girly nights out in the city, safe and sound!”


Loyalty schemes vs price promotions

Laura Przybek, Head of Marketing at Kabbee, spoke with Marketing week about Kabbee and its recent cash back collaboration with Quidco.

Kabbee on Marketing Week

Kabbee on Marketing Week

To see the full article, please click here.

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