50% of holiday luggage is unnecessary, and costs Britons £392 million every year*


Kabbee, London’s leading minicab comparison and booking app, has revealed that 34 percent of people in the UK that travel abroad wear only half of what they pack, and 24 percent have to spend an average of £32.50 on extra luggage capacity, costing Brits £393 million every year.*

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the ladies that are packing unnecessary clothing and shoes, it’s the men.  Compared to 32 percent of women, 36 percent of men don’t wear half of what they take.

When asked how much ‘over-packers’ spend on extra luggage capacity, the average spend was revealed to be £32.50.  Travellers aged 35-44 years said they spend the most on extra luggage – around £33 per journey.  That said, as travellers age, the more sensible they seem to be when it comes to packing only the necessities.  43 percent of 18-24 year olds wear less than half of what they pack, compared to just 21 percent of people aged 55 or older.

Kabbee decided to look into how airport journeys can be made easier for passengers, with 25 percent of all their journeys being to and from London’s five airports.  Kabbee polled 1,000 British adults who had travelled abroad in the last year, to find out how many passengers take too much luggage, adding an extra tax to their holiday.

Earlier this year, Kabbee revealed the top six reasons for passengers missing or delaying a flight**:

  1. Traffic delays on public transport (engineering works, road accident) – 39%
  2. Overslept – 28%
  3. Last minute packing / disorganised – 26%
  4. Forgetting the date of travel – 18%
  5.   Going to the wrong terminal – 13%
  6. Passport had expired – 12%

Justin Peters, CEO and Founder of Kabbee explains how passengers can relax before their flight: Our study is designed to remind people that have a flight booked this holiday season to plan ahead for a stress-free getaway.  Extra costs for luggage, etc can be avoided, it’s just about being more disciplined when packing.

“We’ve heard stories from our minicab drivers, about passengers taking large amounts of luggage, and now we know that half of it is not even being worn.  More than 25 percent of all bookings made via Kabbee are airport journeys, so we’re keen to help to keep costs down by offering simple advice to passengers.

*calculation is based on 24% of 50.3 million people that travel abroad each year (ABTA Travel Trends Report 2013)

** Kabbee’s travel study included a national omnibus survey of 1000 UK adults from 08.04.14 – 10.04.14.

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