Kabbee launches new Take Me Home feature!



Why did Cinderella really have to head home at 12am? 

10pm is the average ‘Take Me Home’ time for women, a study reveals

Kabbee, London’s leading minicab comparison and booking app has revealed that half of all women are having to head home from a night out between 9-11pm, all because their high heeled shoes are causing them pain.

Kabbee surveyed a total of 500 females and 500 males across the country to find out at what time heels really become ‘a pain’, not only for the ladies, but the men they are with too.  A massive 86 percent of women admitted that their shoes have hurt them on a night out, and 73 percent of men said their other half has previously complained about painful shoes during a night out together.

According to 25 percent of men, women start complaining about painful shoes as early as 9pm, but they reckon the biggest window for whining is 10-11pm (29%).

The study was undertaken as part of Kabbee’s research into what makes people head home on a night out, and to celebrate the launch of its ‘Take Me Home’ button, that is now live on the platform.

Kabbee’s ‘Take Me Home’ button uses GPS data to immediately locate the users’ current location, and because it already knows where they live, it provides instant quotes from over 70 fleets in London, enabling the passenger to choose from the cheapest, closest or most premium option to get home.  The new feature reduces the number of taps to getting a minicab from five, to three.

Justin Peters, CEO and Founder of Kabbee comments on the excitement of a new feature: It’s vital that Kabbee is always delivering the best possible consumer experience, and with that comes the need for cutting edge design and innovative technology. Kabbee was designed to use digital technology to take what is an ancient transport infrastructure into the 21st Century.

“We’ve prioritised the launch of the ‘Take Me Home’ function after our users told us that they’d like to see it on the platform.  User feedback is valuable to us, and our data indicates that half of the time our regular users book a minicab via Kabbee to go home, so the button will come in handy.”

Kabbee has collaborated with London’s leading Podiatrist and Chiropodist, Nicolas Ivanoff, Founder of Feet by Pody to offer advice to ladies who love to wear heels.  He shared his advice:

“Ask any woman…high heels are an essential part of the wardrobe at some stage in life – they make your legs look longer. But they can cause problems ranging from blisters, corns and calluses to serious foot, knee and back pain. Most women power through, and continue to wear high heels, despite the pain, which is not advisable.  My role is to help women enjoy wearing high heels, without damaging their feet. The key to comfort is wearing heels for shorter periods of time.

“Also 90 percent of all women wear shoes that are too small for them.  My biggest piece of advice to women that wear high heels is to treat their feet to some TLC when they arrive home – a relaxing foot massage, or a nice hot bath to relax the feet, works wonders.  Women should always seeks professional advice from their podiatrist when a problem arises and give their feet an annual check.”

Kabbee’s Take Me Home button is live on the app now.

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