Are we nearly there yet? Brits aren’t off on their holidays until they get to the airport, a study reveals


Filling in a holiday request form at work, or packing our suitcase no longer gives us Brits that ‘holiday feeling’. We keep it all bottled up until we arrive at the airport, according to a consumer study undertake by minicab comparison and booking app, Kabbee.

Helping hundreds of thousands of travellers get the best minicab fares to and from London’s five airports each year, Kabbee was keen to understand when that all-important holiday feeling really kicked in. Around one in five British holidaymakers said it was when the cab arrived to take them to the airport (17%), but almost a quarter of holidaymakers said it was arriving at the airport with plenty of time to spare that gave them that bye-bye Britain buzz (23%).

The younger the holidaymakers, the earlier the buzz begins, with 23 percent of all 25-34 year olds saying their holiday begins when they turn off their emails and leave work, compared to just 16 percent of those aged 35-44 saying it’s not until they get to the airport that they can let their hair down (23%).

Justin Peters, Kabbee Founder and CEO comments on the findings: “Generally, holidaymakers book ahead – we see around 90 percent of the hundreds of thousands of airport journeys booked via the Kabbee app coming in well in advance of the departure date. 

“We prompt anyone travelling to the airport to enter their flight number to the app, which means a driver can be waiting for them in arrivals, after actively tracking the live arrival time of their return flight. 

“This study reveals how passionate we are about those well-deserved holidays, making it even more paramount that the airport journey is seamless, and to make sure there is a hassle-free service waiting for holidaymakers as they return home.”

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