Press release: Minicabs up to 145% cheaper than black cabs

21st February 2014: For immediate release

London Black Cabs Price Hike Makes Them

65% More Expensive Than Minicabs

In response to Transport for London’s announcement of the impending black cab price rises, Kabbee has revealed that minicabs are now up to 145% cheaper than black cabs, during peak times.

The costs are based on 10 comparative journeys across London.  See below:

Journey (4 passengers in traffic) Minicab cost Taxi cost (pre prise rise) Price difference £ / % Taxi cost post price rise (+0.7%) New % difference
Tottenham Court Road to Hampstead £11.80 £16.60 £4.80 / 41% £16.72 41.7%
Clapham Common to Camden Town £16.60 £26.65 £10.05 / 61% £26.84 61%
Sloane Square to King’s Cross £10.70 £16.15 £5.45 / 51% £16.26 51%
Bank to Notting Hill Gate £14.70 £22.85 £8.15 / 55% £23.01 56%
Paddington to Heathrow T1 £23.50 £57.40 £33.90 / 144% £57.80 145%
Euston to Angel £6.40 £6.70 £0.30p / 5% £6.75 5.5%
Waterloo to Wimbledon £20.10 £32.85 £12.75 / 63% £33.08 64.6%
Oxford Circus to Epping £42.30 £82.10 £39.80 / 94% £82.67 95%

The average difference, across all 10 journeys is 65%, including the 0.7% price hike announced today.*

Justin Peters, Founder and CEO of Kabbee, the London minicab app that helps its users get the most cost-effective minicab comments on TFL’s price hike: “With traffic in London moving no faster than it did in Victorian times, you’d expect that the ‘waiting fee’ that cabs charge for going lower than 10.4 mph would be enough to cover the cost of their journey.  Our app tells its 300K users how much they are saving compared to getting a black cab.  This latest price hike will see minicabs become even more competitive on price, and with apps like ours, even more accessible too.”

*All routes tested/cabs ordered for 6 PM on Thursday 31st January. Minicab prices based on best quotes from 60 fleets compared by Kabbee. Black cab prices based on data sourced from TfL. Black cab waiting costs calculated based on £0.20 per 20 seconds (source: TfL) – actual traffic costs halved to take into account black cab time savings through use of bus lanes.

For more information, images or to arrange an interview, please contact the press office at Sense Communications on Kabbee@sensecommunications.co.uk or call 0203 551 3954.



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