Track my Kabbee feature is making noise in the industry

Kabbee, the instant price comparison and booking service for minicabs in London, has partnered with Cordic in order to add location-based data to the software used by its network of drivers. “Track my Kabbee” enables users of the mobile app to see the current location of the driver allocated to their booking.

The leading-edge technology allows passengers that have booked a minicab journey through the Kabbee iPhone or Android app to track their minicab’s movements as it makes its way to their destination.

When a driver is allocated the user receives a notification on their mobile “tap here to track your driver”, and they are taken to a map with the driver plotted on it (the driver appears as the Kabbee “bee”). As the driver gets closer the bee moves on the map, and once the driver arrives the customer gets a notification. When users have the app open on the Track my Kabbee page, a horn will sound as a signal the minicab has arrived! Kabbee users will never have to hear the minicab phrase ‘it’s only around the corner’ ever again!

By combining the consumer appeal of Kabbee’s award-winning* mobile apps with Cordic’s market leading fleet management software, they can create the perfect outcome for fleets, drivers and consumers. Kabbee’s vision is to improve the sector for all stakeholders and this agreement is a big step in that direction. The developments in technology means ‘Track my Kabbee’ is the first fleet booking aggregator digital solution in the UK to have this feature.

Justin Peters, CEO of Kabbee said: “Kabbee was designed to use digital technology to take what is an ancient transport infrastructure into the 21st Century. The ‘Track my Kabbee’ feature is only available on bookings made for fleets that use dispatch systems Kabbee have a technical integration with, which includes Cordic as well as Catalina’s Freedom product. As of today that makes up over 60% of the bookings Kabbee take, but as they integrate with more dispatch systems the percentage will increase.”
“We are constantly adding new features that are beneficial not only to minicab drivers but also to Kabbee users in the aim to offer great service and a great car at a great price.”


For more information please contact Kabbee@sensecommunications.co.uk or call 0203 551 3954.

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